Style Tips For Reception Hairstyle!

Sakshi Prasad
Nov 03, 2019   •  57 views

It's your grand day. You have to look perfect from top to bottom. And hairstyles play an important role in creating the overall look.

Everything has to be perfect.

From the outfit, footwear, matching accessories and everything is decided but what plays a great role in creating the overall look is - the hairstyle. Perfect hairstyle adds more glam to the entire outfit and makeup.

On the auspicious day of your reception just experiment with the stylish hairdo.

So here we have 7 stylist reception hairstyle which will admire every kind of lehenga, saree or gowns whatever you are planning to wear.

Romantic curls for the reception


Romantic curls are the perfect and classy hairstyle for the occasion.

Make the curls that crazy that people don't stop to stare at you!

Open and long curls from roots to the tip of the hair is perfect for the outfit like evening gowns, cocktail dress, or any ballgowns which generally brides choose to wear on her reception day.

Sideswept hairstyle


The side-swept hairstyle is always classy and sassy. Flaunt your locks brides!

Flaunt your amazing locks and hairstyle with a pretty outfit.

Carry this hairstyle with a voluminous skirt with a cropped blouse or any party heavy gowns.

Wear bright and bold makeup like shimmery smokey eyes with nude lips.

 A floral mess


Brides are going crazy for the floral mess. This is the epic hairstyle that can compliment any outfit whether you are opting for gowns, saree for skirt blouse.

It's a complicated yet crazy hairstyle. Remember if you are opting for this hairstyle make sure you are appointing a good hairstylist who knows how to do it properly. Because of a beginner, it can make your hairdo a mess instead of an elegant hairdo.

Mix match hairstyle


Want to try the best yet unique hairstyle. Try this out. This is a mix-match hairstyle. This is a half tied up-do with tight curls which I think is best for any reception outfits. It's worth trying this amazing hairstyle.

Again, go for the nice hairstylist who can do this elegant hairdo for you.

Tips - Go for an evening gown for this hairstyle.

 Tiara is all set for the reception


The beautiful curls are accessorized with a beautiful tiara to give you the vibes of a princess on your special day.

We should always feel like we are a princess. We should be treated in the same old way after the marriage. This hairstyle says so many things.

If we can see deep inside it, the hairstyle says we are the princess who is not to be treated as a maid after the marriage. We are independent and have all the right to live the way we want to.

So go for this amazing yet elegant hairstyle for the reception. Carry the voluminous gowns or any evening gowns with this hairstyle.

A twisted bun can never go wrong!


A twisted bun can make you look flawless. I know with the modern twist, people don't like to make a bun but here it's not just a bun, it's a twisted bun where you can play with it. Add twist around the bun, and you are good to slay.

Go for a good hairstylist who can make a bun with creativity and in a good way.

This hairstyle is just like an art. So before going for this, go for a good hairstylist.

If you want a neat and stylish hairstyle, you don't want it to get into the way while dancing then go for it.

This is perfect for the brides!

Bride in a Dreamy curls!


Curls are the best yet easy hairstyles for all the brides.

If any bride wants to make it simple yet classy then these dreamy curls are just perfect for you!

If your outfit is too heavy and you want to get the attraction of the outfit then go for these simple curls.

So these are the 7 ideas which the brides can go to the reception party.

Try this amazing and stunning hairdo for your reception. But remember before experimenting assigns a good hairstylist who will make a mess instead of an elegant hairstyle.

Select the best hairstyle for your reception and slay like a princess!