Life is unpredictable, unexpectedly surprising and weirdly out of control most of the times. But when it comes to living life to the full, how do we exactly do that? Does it mean doing whatever we want and whatever seems right at the moment and not caring about anyone but ourselves? But isn't it a bit selfish to be so self-centric and self-absorbed just so to live life to the full? Perhaps, it's not only about us but also the people around us too. Experience in life is more than just the good time we have but also how we make the time good for others. Sometimes to get the better taste of the life we need to do something out of ordinary.

Get out of your comfort zone

Life happens outside of your comfort zone. All the greatest art, the greatest creations that came out of either music, and painting, and sculpture, it always seemed to be that the artists produced those pieces in eras of struggle, not in eras of complacency. We discover the real us not in our comfort zone but outside of it. We get to know who we really are and there is no limit to what we are capable of achieving.

Challenge your assumptions, so that you can find your truths.

Inside of each of us, we have all sort of different ideas spinning through our head, but we have these truths that are internal, they come from the heart, they come from the soul. When you follow those truths, you will never be led wrong. And there are these inherent truths, and they are different for each of us, but they are there, and they only come when we break down the walls of assumptions each of us have been raised upon and taught by traditional society. Society as an institution works really good at making us forget our inner purpose. The purpose we ought to accomplish is buried deep under the layers of idealistic expectation and fear of rejection.

Make the little decisions with your head, and the big ones with your heart

Our heart will never lead us wrong if we follow. We might find challenges and regrets, but those regrets are temporary. If we follow our heart, we will not go wrong. And there is no dearth of personalities that lived in this world, who followed their hearts and lived their lives to the full.

How can you create the most positive impact for as many lives as possible

The more lives we are able to bring a good change in, the more we live our own life. Every person is a revolution being carried within a vessel. It is just about finding our purpose, activating it and transforming our lives around.