A light fixture can really make or break a room design. The right light fixture should match the size of the room, provide you with the kind of lighting you need and complement the other design elements. The variety of ceiling lights in stores is really amazing. Choosing the perfect ceiling light fixtures for a room may be overwhelming as there are so many different styles, trends, designs and shapes on the market. And moreover, ceiling lights are made for different purposes - to create a general light, to illuminate working areas, to produce diffused ambient light - so the options are almost infinite. It is a clever idea to learn more about different types of ceiling lights to narrow down the choice.

Types of ceiling lights:

1. Chandeliers

These beautiful and elegant ceiling light fixtures are very popular, and their popularity is remaining constant throughout the years. Chandeliers are preferred for its elaborate decorative details and are usually used as a main source of light in the room.

A chandelier is definitely going to add some pizazz to your living room or dining room! Because this type of light fixture will instantly become the central point of focus of the room, you need to choose the style of your chandelier very carefully.

2.Flush Mounted Light

These lights are attached directly to the ceiling. There are different designs of flush mount lights like inverted bowls, disk-shaped lights and also square light fixtures. It is easy to find the flush mount light matching almost any type of interior design. Flush light fixtures look best in rooms with a ceiling that is less than 8 feet high. Installing a flush light in a room with a higher ceiling might create too much empty space.

Flush ceiling lights are one of the most popular designs for light fixtures because it is discreet and provides optimal lighting for any room as long as you choose a fixture with a diameter that is wide enough and install a bulb that is bright enough.

3. Pendant Lights

This is a very popular and stylish type of ceiling lighting. The lighting fixture is hanging quite low, it always looks great and adds a touch of refinement and elegance to any room. There are many different designs of pendant lights and the process of choosing them should be based not only on their visual attractiveness but on the functionality as well. Some pendants are created for special purposes. Because pendant lights typically hang low from the ceiling, these fixtures will become very noticeable and absolutely need to work with the style of the room.

A pendant ceiling light can make a great addition to a room where you already have a flush light fixture if you would like additional lighting for a specific area. These types of lights are attached to a straight firm track and have multiple light elements. Pendant lights are mostly used in different work areas. Depending on your particular goals and objectives you may need to look for the light fixtures with adjustable reflectors. In combination with some other light sources, pendants can become a perfect lighting solution for almost any room.

4. Kitchen Island Lighting

The kitchen islands, as well as dining tables, need proper lighting. Still, the functionality of kitchen island lighting and dining table lights can slightly differ. Kitchen island lighting must provide sufficient illumination of a work surface, while dining table lighting should not be as bright and can be more decorative than functional. Island lighting is somewhat similar to track lighting. This type of light fixture differs from track lighting because island lighting is specifically designed for kitchen islands.

Apart from this, lights for kitchen islands and dining tables have much in common: there are usually several pendants that are hung in a row to ensure the proper lighting of a work surface and provide an attractive elegant appearance of a task area.

5.Track And Rail Lighting

This is a modern type of lighting and it can look very stylish when used correctly. There are different styles and designs of track lighting like the track system that can be affixed right to the ceiling or be hung.

Track lighting fixtures create a very modern effect. These fixtures are ideal for accent or task lighting since several individual lights hang from a track. You can either mount the track on the ceiling or suspend it from the ceiling depending on the effect and height you want. Some track lighting fixtures let you adjust the direction of the individual lights, which is perfect for your food prep space or your desk!

Track lighting is a popular design element of modern kitchens and bathrooms but it is also an interesting alternative to semi-flush fixtures if you have opted for a modern design in your home. You can combine track lighting with pendant lights by choosing a fixture designed to hang individual pendants. You can create an original effect and get optimal task lighting by hanging the pendants at different heights.