Mobile Phone And Its Advantages And Disadvantages

Rushda Khursheed
Jun 25, 2019   •  25 views

Mobile phone, in recent years, has reached a new height of success with the massive rise of globalization. It has been seen that mobile phones, which is also known as a smartphone, cell phone, and some still may call it a telephone, have become a household item since a few years. Mobiles help humans to convey messages in the form of a sender and the mobile becomes the channel for that sender. On the other side, the receiver receives the message and decode it successfully. Every individual of a family now has a phone and that too an expensive one. No one wants to compromise on the specification and the styling of a mobile. Somehow, now it becomes a status symbol which recognizes any human being like a rich and poor accordingly. Unfortunate! Isn't it?

Although mobile has really showed some serious advantages which lead to an increase in its success rate, so rapidly. Some of the advantages include making phone calls in a very serious issue to get in touch with your loved ones. Again, as it is known as a smartphone, it helps us to connect with the world at our fingertips. Moreover, through mobiles, we can download many useful apps which can help to improve several things like, weight loss ability apps, study problem apps, entertainment-related apps, cooking apps and etc. which come as ‘the icing on the cake' feature. Every university student is finding it very useful for searching any study related topic. It is useful especially one night before the exam.

But mobile has many disadvantages as well. Its harmful radiation is harming us in various ways and its waves have a very significant effect on children as well, as a greater number of children are using mobiles these days and it has become their habit now. This radiation is weakening their eyes a lot. Moreover, their sedentary lifestyle is now pushing them towards obesity and many heart-related issues, etc. The rise of mobile utility has let humans to cut off from their social life resulting in socially deprived life. Eventually, they started to forget about the social etiquettes and these kinds of people start thinking themselves as an alien in front of other human beings.



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