You can travel Pondicherry. It's a territory and is about 150 kms South of chennai.
I know it's a bit hot this time, but you can visit Auroville ashram, museums during afternoon time.
The beaches are too good in Pondicherry and this time the crowd won't be that much.
Top spot to visit is Paradise beach, the beach justifies it's name because its a very long streched beach, the view is so awesome you will fall in love with it.You can swim and relax also on this beach

Another beach which you can visit is rock beach, it's also very scenic. A long strech of cement road is parallel to the beach which houses loads of good option of restaurants with a sea view. There are a lot of events happening here on weekends. The place also gives you loads of options to do shopping. Evenings are lit up with decorative lights. There is a famous mahatma Gandhi statue also here which is quite photogenic.

The aurobindo ashram will give you spiritual feels. Mobile phones are not allowed inside. The vibes of the place is unique and you will feel as if the time is running slow and you have acquired peace of mind. This is a very old ashram and is a must visit.

You can also visit auroville, the iconic and picturesque spot in Pondicherry, although you can enter into the dome shaped monument but there are certain timmings to it which I am not so sure. It's a bit far away from popular beaches but definitely a must visit spot.

The territory is also famous for the differently built houses as most of them are French colonies. The population also is dominated by foreigners. So you get a outside India feels being in India.

For drink lovers this is a Paradise, I don't drink so I am not so sure about the price but it is definitely cheaper than what you get in other cities because its tax free.

There are a lot of good options for food and that too very exotic because the cooks also are mostly non Indians. So multicultural cuisines can be tried here.

Des arts cafe and cafe xtasi are very famous, you can visit. Pondicherry can also be very proud of the churches it has on its territory. The churches are very beautiful and huge. The ones like you see in movies.

Many people call it mini goa as well.
So I guess now I have given you enough reasons to visit there.
P. S. I am not a brand ambassador of the place, just that I had such a good time there, so I thought I should share my experience.

I am attaching a pic of paradise beach to give you a feel.