How Does Lack Of Sleep Hurt Us?

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An adult human body needs at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Sometimes because of work and stress, it is not possible to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep even for one day will affect us both mentally and physically, and we cannot be able to concentrate on our work. Continuous lack of sleep is very harmful as it will affect our body.

Types of sleep deprivation.

Lack of sleep can also be an illness for certain people. It may be acute or chronic that depends upon the severity of sleep deprivation.

Chronic type sleeplessness will cause day sleepiness in daytime, fatigue, clumsiness and weight gain. Sometimes chronic type sleeplessness is used as a treatment for depression. As it leads to alertness, an increase in energy and enhanced mood.

Long type sleeplessness is a rare disease, and it is only been caused to those people who had gone through a surgery which caused certain issues or is suffering from fatal familial insomnia.

Effects of lack of sleep

Lack of sleep will affect most on the skin. It will lead to dark circles and bags under the eyes. Lack of sleep will affect our body’s immune system to fight diseases. Being awake for long hours at odd times increases the carving to eat food and it limits the motivation to do exercise.due to which it leads to weight gain.

Lack of sleep affects the performance of athletes. Sleep deprivation causes players not to perform well. If they sleep well for at least 10 hours, then they will much perform better in sports.

Sleep deprivation increases the chances of causing type-2 diabetes. Lack of sleep produces glucose more slowly than people who take full 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep deprivation causes negative effects on brain activity causing a decrease in alertness and function of the brain. It also affects our memory causing forgetting things and affecting the power to make choices and decisions. Lack of sleep also affects the healing process. It will take more time to heal a wound than it usually takes.

Sometimes where the person has slept little. The experts notice it that there are increased chances of physical exertion making the person much more tire than usual. Sleep deprivation also causes hernia- an abnormal exit of the tissue or organ, muscle fascia tears, and cramping. It can also lead to abnormal behavioral responses of a person.

There are increased chances of accidents if the person is sleep deprived. Making him physically exhausted and had a negative impact on overall performance. Sometimes he can get fatigued while driving.

However, if we repay the loss of sleep hours the next day. Then, the effects of sleep will not be bad for us. Effects of sleep deprivation also depend upon how refreshed we fell in the morning. Sleep deprivation is not a disease, but it is a symptom of a disease called insomnia. So, everyone must try to get at least 8 hours of every day. Enjoy every day to its full extent.

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