5 Best Organic Shampoos For Your Hair

Rohini Sagar
Mar 27, 2019   •  66 views

Nowadays we have a busy schedule by which we spend the maximum time out of our homes. Where our hair is exposed to the air where we go.

Are you sick of your hair fall?
Do you want shiny long silky hair forever?
What is the shampoo that you use, is it chemical free?

Here are few shampoo’s which are 100% chemical free and helps in the regrowth of your hair.

1.JUICY CHEMISTRY Anti Hair fall and DandruffShampoo:

This shampoo in regrowth of your hair and helps in avoiding irritation, itchy scalp, and controls your hair fall.

It helps in intensive hair repair and helps to maintain the shine of your hair and it also promotes hair growth.

It is made up of antibacterial tea tree and anti-inflammatory rosemary. It is the most trustable.

It cleans and smooths inflamed scalp.

2.VILVAH Goat Milk shampoo:

As the name suggests it is made up of farm fresh goat milk and it is an ideal hair conditioner.

It helps us treat split ends and also it tames fresh hair. It also adds the luster to your hair
and helps in the manageability of your hair.

Jasmine Hydrosol an oil present in this will fight against itchy scalp condition and also boost your hair. It suits all types of hair. It suits all types of hairs.

3.JUST HERBSAyurvedic Soya Protein Shampoo:

It is a mild dandruff control shampoo. Which is prepared with soya protein, wheat germ and many other herbs like methi, Neem. Which helps your hair to become soft shiny and conditioned.

This helps in dandruff control and regrowth in your hair.
It helps in instant damage repair and helps your hair to grow thick and long, it sits for normal and dry hair.

4. MOMS.CO. Natural Protein Shampoo:

It is a coconut based cleanser. It helps in nourishing your hair and also it from harsh chemicals and pollutants.

It helps in preventing your hair damage and it is rich lathering shampoo.
Helps in reducing dandruff and hair fall. It is very much recommended for dry hair and it also helps you to increase your volume.

5. RUSTIC ARTS Biodegradable Aleo Shampoo:

It is made up of the goodness of wild rose, wheat protein, and Geranium. It helps your hair to turn bouncy, shine and strength it.

It is suitable for all kinds of hair and leaves long-lasting fragrance and it also helps in damage repair and control.

The beauty of the girl directly reflects her hair.



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