A story of two youngsters who studied together named John and Rohit.

One day John and Rohit decided to plan their future and started thinking about it. After a long time, they both came to the decision to become rich and have a BMW car, a big house after five years of their graduation.

Finally, the day has come, they both graduated at the same time and we home thought about there plan. John decided to execute his plan at any cost and started dreaming about it.

He made his room full of pictures of good big houses and BMW cars. He started to say his mind that he is rich and achieve it soon.

On the other hand, Rohit's father met with an accident where he should be hospitalized immediately and there were no hospitals in his village, they have to travel 50 km to reach the hospital. By then his father was dead and he was unable to bear it.

There was a word from his soul “why did this happen”, he was shocked by the question he got and he started thinking on it. Went home and sat back and started questioning himself.

“Why should I own a BMW car?” The answer he got was everyone is willing to have it so I also wanted to have it.” why should I own a very big house?” everyone is dreaming to have a big house so, also wanted to have it. ”why should I become rich?” everyone wants a luxury life so, I also wanted it.

Then what is that I needed, “why my village is not having a good hospital’s?” ”why should we travel all long to the city to get good a doctor and why can't we have them here?” and many more questions without answers.

He then decided to become a doctor and to serve the people in this village.
Five years later,

John had achieved all the things he wanted to. Rohit ended becoming a good doctor in his village and had a small beautiful house and a small car and sufficient income.

Rohit was happy with his life and John had a fear of bankrupt and the loss of his money. Even though he is wealthy he is not happy with that. He never had family time, never went out of his world, never talk with different people.

Now let us think if Rohit would achieve his dream won’t he be happy. Even though if he doesn’t have anything also he would be happy as he did what his soul wished not the society wished him to do so.

If John would not achieve what he wanted to, will he be happy with his life, will he be able to dream again think on it.

Never let others have an upper hand on your life, it’s your life handle with care and love. Do the things which you wanted to do so, not by others force.



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