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R. Bhowmik
May 03, 2019   •  17 views

One of the most useful and important habits I’ve inculcated after a string of bad ones is journaling on a daily basis. It isn’t as tough as meditation or as time consuming as working out, in fact it’s somewhere between the two.

Let me elaborate.

It’s no secret that the greatest minds have been religiously journaling to improve theirwork, life and ideas. In fact, the idea of journaling is not bound by any reason, you might want to journal because you feel like, to help clear your head, may be to improve your writing. The reasons are endless, but the concepts and benefits still apply.

If you are new to the whole idea of journaling, let me take you through a quick summary of what types of journal you write. Quite possibly, you’ll find your own type, if not you can surely make your own.

1) Personal/Daily Journal: This type of journal is private and rarely shared with anyone. It captures your thoughts, moods and day-to-day life. It can be about anything, as this type of journal allows free flow of thought and helps you see what you are thinking.

2) Dream Journal: Quite possibly the most famous type of journal, you see in movies. Yes, the same one where people write about the things they want to do, dreams they want to fulfill, ambitions to reach. This journal is like your north star, it helps you remember all the reasons why you started down particular road and helps you stay on it, when the going gets tough.

3) Travel Journal: Also one of the most popular type of journal. A travel journal encapsulates all your travel goals, your reasons to visit certain places, how and when you plan to achieve them. This journal is exclusive to your travel dreams! Not otherwise!

4) Doodle Journal: If you’re not a words person, not a problem. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pouring your heart out in art can provide similar therapeutic benefits to putting them into words. Not an artist? No need to let that stop you. Create a visual journal on your own in a series of photos or daily videos and catalogue them in a folder or slideshow.

5) Idea Journal: If you’ve never heard of it, no issues. I am here just for that. An idea journal, believe me is your magic spell. Capture ideas that move you, that make you come alive and really tingle your bones. These ideas can be how to fix the subway system, or the traffic in your city or even the world. No idea is bad, it just needs fine tuning and you’ll have time for that when needed. It’s fun and helps you increase your creativity. You may never know when the next big idea, is actually hidden in your journal. So don’t stop journaling.

To end, let me just say that - to start journaling, simply set your intention and just start getting something into your journal each day. It doesn’t have to be big or important, it just has to be something — a sentence, a drawing, a photo or a video.



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