The Titans Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus had created humans but Prometheus wanted his creature to stand among all the animals. For this, he gave man the ‘Dominion of Fire’. Due to a plot of Titans, Zeus decides to remove from men. However, the Titans go to Olympus, steals the divine flame and returns fire to humanity.

Prometheus knew he would not escape punishment for he possessed the power to see the future. He was destined to suffer a terrible punishment but before he has to pay his penalty, he advised his brother, Epimetheus, “My dear brother, my misfortune might not be enough to quench the fury of Zeus, So whatever happens do not accept any gifts from the gods for the safety of our creation”.

Epimetheus accepted the advice and assured him that he would not accept any gifts from the gods. Just as Prometheus foresaw it, Zeus was plotting against Epimetheus and humanity. The supreme gods command her Festus to create the first woman. After molding the graceful creature, he presented it to the gods, who bestowed upon at different gifts. Aphrodite gave her beauty, Hermes granted her the power of the words. Pandora was indeed a magnificent creature. Zeus orders Hermes to deliver Pandora at the Epimetheus as a gift but before he hands her a sumptuous box and he tells her, “you shall take a present from me to a man however you are not to open it under any circumstances”.

And so Pandora was introduced to Epimetheus, who was so seduced by the astonishing beauty of the young woman that he forgot his brother’s advice of never ever to accept any gifts from the gods.

Epimetheus settles Pandora in a room in his palace and there she stays admiring the marvelous box that she brought as a gift from the gods. Pandora imagines what kind of gift there should be inside since the box itself is so dazzling. She cannot resist her curiosity and decides to peek’s at what is inside the box.

Pandora opens the box carefully but suddenly great pressure pushes her away and the box begins to emerge a black mist. This fog carries all the evil that Prometheus did not deliver to the man. Men were pure and lived in a golden age, there was no needs and no conflicts. It was a world of pure happiness. However, there comes out all kinds of ills that would afflict mankind. Envy, cruelty and hunger were now a part of the world of men. Frightened, Pandora tries to close the box with no success.

After the tragedy, the girl realized that all the evils had come out of the box but deep inside was Hope. Hope gives strength so that men won’t give up lives against the evils that beset them. Through her, Zeus can prolong the punishment imposed on men indefinitely.