M G Hector-Its Definitely Human Thing

Riteek Bhatt
Jul 14, 2019   •  6 views

There’s been a huge advancement in the field of automobiles in the recent times. The latest example is MG Hector, the first car of British brand Morris Garages, launched in India at an introductory price of Rs. 12.18 Lakh, that comes with some first in segment features, which we’ll discuss later on.

First Look

The car looks pretty much luxurious on first look. Some features can be easily spotted on first look:-

Slim LED DRLs:- Just like Tata Harrier and Hyundai Venue, MG has also done the same designing. With placing the Slim DRLs above and fog lamps beneath them. The car looks pretty aggressive due to this design.

Lots of chrome work:- Be it on the front grill or the side profile of the car, MG motors have done a lot of chrome work on the car.


MG Hector comes in 3 engine options:-

1.A 2 L Diesel:-The 2 L Diesel engine is the same engine used in Tata Harrier and Jeep Compass and it produces same 170bhp power as the Jeep Compass.

2.A 1.5 L Petrol:-The 1.5 L Petrol engine comes with 143bhp power.

3.A 1.5 L Petrol Hybrid Engine:-MG also offers a hybrid version of 1.5 L Petrol engine in the Sharp and Smart variants. The electric battery only adds up on the mileage of the vehicle and reduces the excess burden on the gasoline engine.


A spacious 5 seater SUV which is longest in its segment. It has asimple dashboard design. The main attraction of interiors is a 10.4” infotainment information screen with lots of pre-loaded features like Apple carplay and Android auto etc. The top variants also offer a panoramic sunroof. The seats are electrically adjustable.

Moving to the back seats, there’s lot of space for the passenger to sit comfortably. The floor of car is flat which makes it comfortable for the middle passenger to accommodate his legs.

Despite of so much space inside, still Hector offers a large boot space.

The Human Thing

So as stated above, this car has some features which makes it different from the other cars of its segment. The most prominent is that this is a connected car.

MG Hector comes with an I-smart app through which you can access a number of features through your smart phone. Like unlocking/locking the car, you just have to put the security code and can lock or unlock the car. Similarly you can open/close the sunroof, etc.

In the automatic version of car, you can even start the car through the app. Every time you log in to the app it scans your car and tells you the present location of car and other details like tire pressure etc.

Apart from that, one more interesting feature is that it comes with voice command feature meaning that you can control AC temperature, opening/closing the sunroof, opening/closing windows, changing music and navigation all just over the command of your voice.

MG Hector comes embedded with an inbuilt sim card used for on board internet service and real time navigation.

Overall this is a very good car for daily usage with a good driving experience. Also you can use it for medium off-roading. This is basically for the buyers who aim at a spacious car under 20 Lakh with a good drive experience. With its features this car is ahead of other cars of its segment. MG has given a good package with an introductory price of 12.18 Lakh which can increase afterwards. So this is a good package and strong competitor for the existing SUVs available in market.