Will Bots Ever Be Able To Replace Humans From Writing

Rishika Kharbanda
Jul 17, 2019   •  4 views

We've all seen the movies, read the books and heard the theories of our dystopian future. However, even after all that, humans beings as the subservient ones and outsmarted by the very machines that were made to simplify their lives; doesn't sound right, does it? To say that robots will be in charge in a planet full of the human race would be to aggrandize their role in the present or even in the possible future. While they have their own advantages but to replace people in the workforce, doesn't seem like a likely outcome of mordenisation.

Bots will soon be doing every thing that a human can do and more but, the value of human touch can never be replaced by robots. When it comes to something as humanly, experiential and personal as writing, robots, no matter how "intelligent" they would be, they will never be able to replace the human touch in writing. A variety of reasons lead up to this conclusion, for instance, bots do not understand irrational thought, they only work on logic and while humans try to master the art of being rational they are anything but. They work on a mix of logic and emotions, rational and irrational thoughts, heart and mind.

Humans have a complex set of emotions and each and every human being perceives the world very differently than others. Writers are formed out these varied perceptions, put into words and weaved into the magical thread of a story. It is an art to be able to write, it touches one's soul and even though Artificial Intelligence can inculcate the characteristic of putting thoughts into words, it can never get the emotional aspect of it.

A story or a poem or an article or a blog is not just a piece of work you read, it is a piece of someone's mind, their thoughts and emotions, which is why the readers, who are humans, are able to empathise will the author or the poet. To create stories, the writer needs to Qualities such as empathy, love and emotions are missing from robots, they do not have memories or any natural preferences and there is no amount of Artificial Intelligence that can that put in these qualities in robots to the extent that humans naturally have it in them.

Bot written content is also not considered to be relatable. The primary reason we can associate with the writer is simple- the writer relates to us! It is often heard "He breathed life into the charecter, the way he wrote." Why does that happen? It is because the writer himself is a human, has feelings, emotions, perceptions and undertsands and empathizes with other humans in simple human ways. How can a thing which itself isn't lively be expected to create stories, the characters of which the reader befriends, is inspired by or simply thinks of them to be people, just like him and the writer?

Moreover, bots cannot function completely indepently, they still need humans- their makers, to create the right data sets and guide the content writing robots.

Robots aren't far from reality, they are far from being human. Therefore, the idea that bots will be a part of the content writing world, is very much possible and has even started taking form, but to think that bots would be replacing humans in the field of writing wouldn't be correct. We will still be needing human writers, at least for those people who appreciate the art that writing truly is and savour reading an article, a story or a blog like no other thing.