Thoughts- A Must Have Or Must Not Have

Rhea Bhatia
Jul 19, 2019   •  3 views

In today’s world, when you see almost everyone suffering from stress, mental pressure or depression, there is always a question as to why it happens. The researchers have new perspectives, new outcomes and new conclusions each time they observe a new group of people. Somehow what came across was that no two set of people had the same issue. The students suffered from stress when they thought they are not ready for exams (literally even toppers were suffering from this form of stress) or when they thought others are judging them. Adults were seen stressed when they thought they had too much work (even a 2 hour job in a day gave this stress) or when they thought they didn’t have enough money to suffice them and their families (even millionaires suffer from this stress). All in all, what was common in it all was mostly the fact that people think too much.

What one can never control is their thoughts. Anything you hear or observe or experience brings a series of thoughts in your mind, not one or two but mostly over a million. Some positive, some negative and they tend to affect you irrespective of their importance in your life. Each decision you take, each action you perform is now much dependent on your series of thoughts. The spontaneity is much lost and now there is a pressure, a pressure to do the right thing, a pressure to do what is in sync with most of those million thoughts. What causes a problem here is the fact that no two thoughts are the same and satisfying all those thoughts is like satisfying a mob, all people at once. And that, is without a doubt a daring task, much like entering a hurricane. This is just about where the stress part begins.

So what is the solution?

Stop thinking?

Stop listening to your mind?

Well, I wish it was possible but unfortunately mind is what controls everything and there won’t be a case where the mind would stop listening to itself. And thus, putting an end to the infinite researches and observations, the main reason of stress and pressure are the thoughts, and to be more precise, the overthinking. As useless it might be, it is just something you have to consider, not one, not twice but each and every time it comes across. It is in fact a pathetic habit to overthink situations but it is an equally unfortunate thing that it cannot be controlled. A person who overthinks will always do so and will mostly be stressed.