Study Abroad- Not A Piece Of Cake

Rhea Bhatia
Jul 03, 2019   •  11 views

Walking on that street at 1 am, he called me, a little scared, not of the dark but of the silence, the loneliness that prevailed in those winds. “How was your day?” he asked and I had my usual reply “Nothing great, skipped a few classes as I didn’t feel like going and just chilled out with my friends in the evening. How was yours?” I knew the answer but I was hoping something better happened to him today and shattering those thoughts came his answer “The usual, college followed by work, it was another of those tiring days”.

As it is usually said “You only miss the sun when it starts to snow”, how much ever you might criticize India, its culture, its food, its people and even its language for that matter of fact. Once you are out somewhere in an altogether new country, you are bound to miss India. Be it those Paranthas with butter or that spicy gol gappa, be it the that one person to talk to you in Hindi or the politicians fighting on televisions, be it the snow peaks of Himalyas or the beaches of Goa. It just comes back to mind with each passing day.

Hardwork is a part of life, for some it might be working hard on jobs or business for others it could just be education, or maybe just getting up from the bed at times. Imagine your life if you have to do all on your own. Yes, your parents are always there to support you and they won’t say even a word before or after they do something for you, but no one ever wants them to go beyond their comfort. And to be very honest, the expenses of studying abroad are a burden on middle class working parents of India.

The issues don’t really end there, you get a cultural shock. The mindset of people in each area of the world is different, very different indeed and how much ever western culture you apply in your life, India is yet another discussion in terms of its culture.

And within than usual gossip session with my best friend, I realized that one chooses a life for himself and it may be tough, but the value of this life lies in the trust you have in yourself. The distance you are ready to travel before breaking and the miles you are ready to travel in determination. No work is even close to being easy until you make it so.