What is a midnight paradox?

There are days when you are just lying on the bed and you can’t sleep. There is a wonder, a thought that resides in your mind at that point of time. Mostly it is just about something that happened to you but sometimes, there is a thought which just arises in your mind out of nowhere. A thought which has no relevance to you, a thought which makes you wonder things which are not so important, actually not important at all. But it is just something that comes in your mind and just doesn’t leave it because to be very honest there is no answer to that.

A paradox is something that just contradicts itself. Taking an example, let’s just say “What came first, the hen or the egg?” Think about it a million times, not once not twice but over and over again and you would find a problem in each conclusion you come to. As if the hen came first, where did it come from because there was no egg to give it birth? Though, if we believe the egg came first, the mystery remains who laid the egg.

There are not just one or two of these confusions that exist in this world, there are like billions. Some have been explored by people and named “Midnight Paradox” when no certain answer was observed whereas answers for many things were found by the means of science and technology.

These not only are the ones that will blow your mind, but also something that creates an amazing topic for discussion. With no fixed answer to it, Paradox always interests people and leads them to explore their minds to unexpected depths. So, along with being as fun and interesting as they sound, they are equally good for learning and exploring purposes.

One very interesting paradox was related to the famous tale of Pinocchio, the boy whose nose grew each time he told a lie. The paradox was related to a statement and its effect on his nose. What would happen if Pinocchio says “My nose will grow”. Give a thought to this statement and you would reach a loop, getting out of which will be tough.

Explore more paradox type situations and it will occupy your mind for good. These are the most amazing things to make you an over thinker. Though this one is certainly not bad for you.