Jazz is the most significant musical expression of African-American and the most outstanding contribution to the US has made to art of music.

Orgin of jazz:

Jazz music was developed in the later 19th century. From black work songs, rhythmic, sorrow songs, hymns, melodic elements were predominantly by African. Because of its spontaneous, emotional because it is basically done by black africans. European audiences may oftrn have been receptive and American jazz musicians have become expatriates.

Jazz is the generally thought began in New Orleans, spreading Chicago, Kansas city, New york city and West Coast. The blues, vocal and instrumental was a component of jazz, which is roughly in order to appearance.

Components of jazz:

The Blues

The "blue notes" are the flatted third and seventh. A statement is made in the first four bars, repeated in the next four, and commented on in the last four. The are mostly concerned with basic human problems—love and sex, poverty, and death. The temp was changed according to the mood ranges.

Rag time

The earliest form of jazz to exert a wide appeal, ragtime was basically a piano style emphasizing syncopation and polyrhythm. From the beginning of the First World War it was most popularized through sheet music and piano rolls.

New Orleans jazz

New Orleans is played by small bands usually made up of trumpet, clarinet, trombone, and a rhythm section that includes bass, drums, guitar, and sometimes piano. The Original Dixieland Jazz Band and the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, both white bands, successfully introduced jazz to the northern United States. Meanwhile, distinctive styles developed in many cities, evolved by younger musicians who stressed a single melodic line rather than the New Orleans counterpoint.


Swing was marked by the substitution of orchestration for a rhythm that falls between the beats. The music was often written to showcase soloists who were supported by the ensemble.


The new music, called "bebop" or "rebop" its short form was “BOP”, was rejected at first by many critics. Bop was characterized by the flatted fifth, a more elaborate rhythmic structure, and a harmonic rather than melodic focus. Was of paramount importance in influencing the harmonic and rhythmic direction of bop.

Recent trends

By the mid-1950s a form of neo-bop, or hard-bop, had arisen on the East Coast. John and some peoples were led various small groups that produced an idiom marked by crackling, explosive, uncompromising intensity. About the same period, a number of outstanding musician-composers, including Gunther Schuller and John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet, produced "third stream" jazz, essentially a blend of classical music and jazz. Jazz has also been successfully combined with Afro-Latin music, as in the music of Candido.


The above given information is really interesting to music lovers. Jazz was really an admirable genre in the music. The black americans was the author of the jazz and later it was adopted by US peoples.