My Journey - From 0 Views To 1000 Views

Raj Nandani
Jul 09, 2019   •  25 views

Thank you readers for all your support and love; this post is dedicated to you all.

You all are the reason why I am still writing. I was never a consistent writer but then I thought of being consistent this summer. The summer started and I posted a few articles (and by a few I mean that only 3 or 4 articles). I thought that’s quite a lot and I will post some more after a few days. Those few days turned into a week and I still hadn’t even written any single new article on my notebook.

I was starting to get disappointed when one of my reader said some good words about my post. She even pointed out some typos and some silly mistakes committed by me. Excited by her interest in my articles, I rectified my mistakes and picked up my pen once again. I started to send each and every one of my friend the links to my write-ups. Their response was so encouraging and so supporting that I decided to write more and more write-ups.

I rationed my reading time and started to invest some more time to these write ups. I just kept scribbling my thoughts into a notebook that I carried everywhere (which basically involved getting up from one room and going into another). These thoughts started with sentences and ended in bullet points. I wrote many pages in similar way but typed none of them. The break in between started. I was unable to write anything, I started one thought and got distracted by another. So basically I had 5 – 6 articles of just 20 to 30 words because after that I used to change my topic.

Then my mentor assigned by Wrytin came into work. He helped me whenever I was stuck and demanded best of me. He guided me about how to do it and rectified me whenever I wandered away.

I started again with new vigour and energy. I typed out my half baked thoughts and spread the words shamelessly amongst you readers. I am sure many of you might have been irritated by my continuous nagging about my posts but I still did it. Now that my vacations are about to end, I want to thank all my readers wholistened to my continuous nagging and still opened those blue links to read my articles; I want to thank all my readers who shared their thoughts on my posts and appreciated my efforts; I want to thank all my friends who had to face their inboxes filled with these links more than memes and still opened them to read; and I want to thank everyone that read my articles, and even this post, till this very end.

Thank you all for supporting me. This was not a lone journey but a journey with you all; a journey from 0 views to 1000+ views; A journey from 2 articles to 32; a journey from filled pens to filled notebooks.

A memorable journey indeed!



Profile of Vidisha Pandey
Vidisha Pandey  •  3y  •  Reply
Hi, I am really inspired by your content! I have also started blogging, I'd love it if you'd share the link to my blog in your circles. Your feedbacks are welcomed!
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Sachin Raj  •  3y  •  Reply
Keep writing and never give up💪💪 😍☺ your articles are great....... And we always support you..