Men and women should be treat equally!

Men are no superior to woman!

Women are accelerating in today's world!

The above lines defines what? It says men and women are equal. There is no discrimination among them.

*FEMINISM* one of the sensitive topic these days. Basically, feminism is to create equality for women in the social, political, economic and occupational spheres. There is no moral encouragement that a woman should not enter a temple, should not make a vote or not performing the same job as man. Feminism has been singularly responsible for redressing these deeply sexist social injustices.

The only difference among men and women is about biological genetical difference

An average three year old knows this position to be laughable yet this is a central mantra in Women's Studies.

woman should not just be about equality but also giving womana confidence that she can do everything a man can do by providing her conditioning and education they need to live their best lives

Some people took feminism on a religious and political spheres. There are many places in India where woman are not allowed for instance in Lord Ayyappa Temple, Sabarimala, the *purification ritual* is consider on which supreme court also questioned.

At a certain point, feminism can be good or bad, everything has its pros and cons,so it also have some cons that people are taking wrong benefits from it .

By having eye on the activites going on in the country. Everyone should educate their children and family. Women are not objects which can be treated, instead of it we should give woman respect. So stand for them and be a good feminist.