when you are born & just of few days i.e u have just open your eyes ,you start loving your mother and after someday your family . That love stays forever in your life.
when you start crawling ,you fall in love with toys. At that phase of life your everything is toys.
when you are of 3 to 5 years , you start loving sweets & chocolates.
when you are of 5 to 10 years , you love to play with your friends & you want to play with them all the time inspite of anyother things.
when you are of 10 to 15 years , you start loving your teachers . Whether your ma'am is young , old , married or unmarried, you just love her & gossip with your friends that " yaar mujhe wah maths wali ma'am bahut acchi lkti hai ". Teachers are our everything from a friend to parents. Respect & love for teachers stays forever in your life. Its easy for a teacher to forget his/her students , but its impossible for a student to forget their teachers . Because every year a teacher have classes with large number of students on the other hand the large number of students have classes with a single teacher.
when you are of 16 to 20 years , you fall in love with your girlfriends. At that phase of your life you think yourself as a bestlover of all time, and your girlfriend as an angel directly come to you from heaven.
when you are of 20 to 25 years , you fall in love with your ambitions.
when you are of 25 to 30 years, you love your job & you keep loving it , till u have to do it.
when you are of 30 to 60 years, you love your wife & you love your children .
when you are in the 60's , you love the memories that you have loved & lived till now.
when you are in the end of your life, you fall in love with the god ....saying god i didn't loved you in my whole life that i have lived till now. So now i am all your's take me , i wanna love you too, as i have loved everyone.........that's the end of your life.


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