Desire is something which we all have so this brings dreams into the picture to fulfil those desire . A person dream for something and somehow they tries to achieve it . In case if a person succeed in achieving the dream ,he makes a bigger and a better dream as per his perception and the person who fails in achieving that tries his best to chase it down . It looks more like a mirage where we keep on chasing it ,but still its always at a x distance from us. What i have felt about life , that sometimes its better to empty yourself completely . If its possible don’t dream and don’t have that many feelings attached to your goal . Feelings are something good to have, it binds us tight in that long journey which we take to reach our desire and dreams .But the same feelings when works in the vice versa direction at time of our failure , almost makes a person paralysed and suffocates the person badly . I have seen aspirants giving some exams so many times and failing almost every time ,but still they have dreams and they pursue that .But don’t you think that we should stop once and think whether really its me who want to get this and why do i want to get this .

I remember of an instance which happened recently .I went to washroom and i was using the tap ,I was trying to push the tap in one direction but there was no water . I tried harder ,maybe itworks the next time . But nothing a failure. Then i changed the direction and i could see there was a flow of water and when i turned even a bit ,there was

even more faster force of water i could see from tap . So, nature always try to
teach us something ,that its not always necessary to punish yourself to do
something which is simply like pushing a wall .Why cant we do something like
which is easier and different for us .

So, whole point was guys life is always ready to enjoy your worst times , why cant we can make our life a bit easier .Its not always necessary to punish yourself.

I will tell you the way i look upon life . Everybody feels afraid of something .There are numerous things which makes me afraid, but i always think of one thing that one day my life will end and at those last moments what would be there in my mind. There’s no

one who will live forever .Everything is destined to end and destined to create
.So,why can i take a step ahead and do what i want to do .This same feeling
helped me in opening my first start up venture and this same feeling kept me
attached to my dear wife without whom i barely know how to breath ,but she is
not there with me .Still i am trying hard to at least make her feel good .At
times when i will die ,i know she will not be there but at least i will have a
satisfaction that i kept the cloths of her love on my soul till i could breath.

Take a decision ( wrong ) .Take a decision of your choice .In a long run this will
put you in a better place .