Must Haves In A Working Woman's Bag!

Rafea Zaidi
May 18, 2019   •  82 views

So, in my initials at Wrytin, first of all I should start with something that is mandatory and guess what is that- nothing but a grand... salute to all those women out there who are an entrepreneur, a Principal, a teacher, a manager, an IAS Officer, an IPS Officer or even an employee and at the same time maintaining rhythm between their working lives and their roles as housewives.

Yes, there are women out there who are giving their best in their working lives and that too not at the cost of their duty towards their family. Their number one priority includes both- work and family.

But at the same time it is seen that in this hustle and bustle of life they completely forget themselves. So here are a few tips by me that will make your carry bag well organised and full you with enough confidence to face worldly challenges!

  • Type of bag :So this is the very first step 'cause what kind of bag you carry defines your whole personality. And I as a girl suggest backpacks as they are very easy to carry in fact best for a woman who wants to just stay free all the time. Sling bags are also a good option. They add so much to one's style. Rest one can go for shoulder bags, scatchel or any other kind of bag as there are myriad of options available in the market. However I suggest that bag should be large enough that it can hold all the necessary things and small enough that it is portable.

  • Hair Ties : Hair ties, hair pins, rubber bands, hair bands, hair pins, clutchers are a must for all women because sometimes hair gets too messy to be handled by us or sometimes this summer's scorching heat tends us to tie our hair. So these are a must for sure!

  • Wet Tissues : So this is something that not only women but all the humans in general need. Very much needed, very useful so always keep this with you.

  • Hand Sanitizer : Again a very useful stuff as if you are that kinda person who don't wanna touch public taps or soaps provided there you need this for sure.

  • Book : If you are a bibliophile then a book needs to get space in your bag so that you can read it in your free time. In fact I suggest that everyone must read books because learning is growing in real sense.

  • Notes diary : I suggest everyone to carry this because according to me a pen and a paper are human's best and true friend. Pen jots down all our thoughts, emotions that we ain't able to share with anyone but write down. Even sometimes we end up writing those thoughts that at first seem to us inexplicable. In this, we can write our day spent, to-do list and many other important things. Keeping a diary clearly defines our goals and time-to-time updates keeps us motivated to move towards our goal.

  • Sunscreen: Yeah, one of the most important things of summer as if you ain't carrying it and of course applying it then you are gonna be tan!

  • Lip Balm : Your pink, rosy, delicate lips have to fight a huge battle with loo and scorching heat so assist your beautiful lips by applying a lip balm of a high SPF.

  • Shades : An inevitable stuff for summers! Why should you be worried about your eyes, leave this work on your classy shades. This summer- Slay in Shades!

  • Phone and charger : The most important thing in today' s world 'Phone' as it is required for each and everything and very necessary to keep pace with the whole world. And you need to accompany your phone with your charger too as even if you have phone and it's not charged then phone will become useless!

  • Earphones : Carry this so that you can relieve the boredom of life. Earphones In.Volume Up.Ignore the world.

With such an organised bag in your hand you can always slay and make others jealous:

Everyone around will tend to be a great player
'Cause baby you are definitely an awesome slayer!-Rafea Zaidi

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