Some nail patterns, I absolutely get. Your nails looks overly adorable. Others patterns? Not really. I have seen ladies in the city my identity sure should be proficient lowlifess dependent on the weapons their fingernail skin were pressing. In any case, no, they were not exposed vigilantes.

The nails! O Lord! The present nail patterns look bad to me. Give me a chance to explain my point.

Exhibit A & B : If you have this sort of nails, umm … how exactly how would you type? How would you utilize your telephone or PC? How would you … umm … CLEAN yourself in the shower? How would you cook ???!!!

Exhibit C: What reason does this glossy brilliant heart serve? Does it ring each time you move your hand? For what reason do you NEED to puncture your nails - which separated from being remarkably badly designed, will add to progressively soil + germ amassing. Yuck..

Exhibit D:What the … bubble? Evidently, bubble nails are 'new' and 'making up for lost time'. This is actually startling. It would appear that each nail has a tumor installed beneath the skin. NO, simply NO!

Exhibit E: I'd need to wear conceals each waking hour on the off chance that I had those nails.

Exhibit F: Ew ew ew (ewwwwww!)
I rest my case.