Do you remember the cast and couch? it is used to be an open secret in Bollywood just like a botox.

cast and couch became national news when a television channel did a sting operation on Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma. Shraddha Kapoor should sell her father on Olex and from that money, she should buy some acting talent.

it's not just women but men have also spoken about casting couch. Ranveer Singh has also faced casting couch and he said that it is a commonplace situation for strugglers.

the #metoo movement hit the Bollywood when actress Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of molesting her during a song shoot. Tanushree said Na Na to nana but that didn't stop him. and how did the public react? by attacking Tanushree Dutta. after nana Patekar another notable name popped up was the Sajid khan. what are the most striking things about Sajid khan? forget films, he can't even direct traffic. he is obnoxiously stupid statements and his resemblance to Harvey Weinstein and like two good brothers they have committed the same crime assaulted and harassed women who did work from them. Sajid khan assistant and aspiring actress Saloni Chopra have shared some horrific details of what she had to go through when she was working with him. forget the workplace this kind of behavior has NO place even in society. dia mirza was one of the first people to support Saloni Chopra in public. after that number of celebrities expressing their total support for the victims. but what happened? did anything concrete come out of this accept like Buzzfeed and scoop whoop headlines? let's list out major Bollywood players who were named and shamed in this movement. Vikas Bahl queens director, he was accused of assaulting a girl at a press junket in the goa. Kangana Ranaut also spoke about his behavior when the story came out. after social media pressure, Vikas Bahl was dropped from the super30 movie. but did everyone who got accused get the same treatment. for example take Subhash Ghai, the well-known harasser. he was accused of drugging and raping a woman. what happened? he was out on bail and throwing great parties that are attended by stars like Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai. not together though!!!! Sajid Khan was removed as the director of housefull4. Nana Patekar got a lot of support from the people when Tanushree Dutta had spoken against him first like Anu Kapoor. wait....................

how can we forget our sansakari Alok Nath? who was accused of raping a director and sexually harassing three other women and now he is doing a movie called Mujhe Bhi. talk about rubbing salt on their wounds and if that's not enough. this movie is about sexual harassment and Alok Nath playing a judge in it. wow!. the line of creeps is very long.

just like a kalank on day 4 of its release, the #metoo movement started tanking. the first reason for this was unproven accusations. #metoo movement is the movement that targets the rich powerful men who abuse their power. and after all these men accused, the general public just starts getting exhausted that this is casual in Bollywood.

what a lot of people don't get that #meetoo movement is about uniting people not alienating men and whether you are a man or women no one supports sexual assault. eventually, nothing more has changed but there is a small hope towards the right direction. girls will feel just a little bit safe when they now go for an audition. there is no end of me too movement because predatory man will always be there so this is an ongoing struggle.