Two roads diverged into the Yellow Wood

And Sorry I could not travel both....."

It was just the intersection of the two roads, there I stood. I stood there thinking, reasoning with myself on the forward journey. It's not like I have never done contemplation before or trying to rationalize little things. It's just that it is different this time. Maybe it is more serious or maybe the impact can be both positive and negative.

How long shall I think? How long shall I stand at this intersection without moving? What Am I afraid of losing if I forfeit? Why Am I afraid of the risk?

The left side takes me to the world of bespectacled geniuses who are hardworking and dedicated go-getters who have to be the slaves of their time from the start of the day. They are the people you see in the coffee shop sipping away their expresso and working for their hands off on laptop, the people who believe in instant gratification in life, the one who own the best house, the best job but forgotten they do not have time for their family who stays in the houses, the neglected photos in the phones and the empty cubicles in the wee hours of the day. The road which is hustling and bustling with all kinds of people cramped side by side, each either wanting this perfect so-called life or looking out of the window to the right side of the road wishing they dared to do so.

The Other side looks all bright and colorful at first glance. It has the dreams of a toddler, the aspirations of the adolescence, the risk takers, the believers. They are the singers humming their favorite tune while the whole world is busy in deadlines. It's close to heart, It's much closer to home. It takes courage, zeal, and determination but more than that it takes faith to hum the tune. The picture is not all hunky dory, everything is not just cozy. You have to fall, rise against all odds, maybe fall again and again till the time you have discovered yourself. All it takes faith in yourself, faith in the universe, that everything is going to work out for the best, Faith that you are meant to do the thing and somehow everything will fall into place and that your hard works shall pay off. Many do not even consider taking the right side because they are just so blinded by deadline and mundane, they have the fear of the unknown, scared of the uncertainties, chained by their steady paycheques they are afraid to even explore.

Which one do you think I am in? Which one do you think I should be taking?

Right one I am just another girl sitting in her left office, staring out of the window ...getting ready in my way, you guessed it right. I am an explorer in the making...