It was bit late according to the clock but not for me. Returning late from work to home is something really common and so was that day...

My boss was nagging at me as to work hard,nothing new to me. I resumed to my desk filled with rage and looked at the watch,it said quarter to 12. I arranged my files and went to the parking. As it was bit late so I could make out deficiency of cars. Started the car and went out of the parking lot.

When I looked outside, suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind. It was tremendous both the sound and wind. No one wants to get out of their homes in this not so pretty weather. I took a deep breath and resumed to the road. I felt allienated as, mine was the only car on the long road. Not a single human thing was present. Wind was so harsh that I could feel the resistance inside the car. It was a ignition of fear inside me.

After driving 2-3km red light came,which was normal as it was the regular route. I imagined 24hrs back there were people rushing down and look at now!. I took the water bottle which was kept at the desktop and as I turned my eye away,there was a bang on my window. Small girl was standing and yelling something. She wasn't the begger for sure as I was seeing her for the first time. She was extremely wierd. Can't really describe her. She was wearing some undefined clothes,her hair covered entire face,foot and hand were oppsite with respect to each other. She was then crossing the road and stopped at the middle of it. Turned to me,stayed for a while and went. Due to wind I could barely see anything and raced a bit. With a blink of eye that girl was standing next to driver's gate.

I hurriedly started the car and escaped from that place. Breathing heavily,sweat drops on forehead,it was difficult to catch my breath and wanted the touch of natural air regardless of the condition outside. In order to do so I opened the window. Somehow backed my self and focused on the road. It was difficult to forget whatever I saw and happened with me.

The road continues....