There was a time when the pinnacles of technology were the spinning wheel, or the bow and arrow, or even the early attempts made by numerous scientists at discovering the universe but that time is now long past us. Now we live in an era of technology, where almost everything around us is run by machines, we like to see more on our phones than we wanna do in person, through the different eras numerous advancements technology has sure evolved a lot. From the diversified fields of science to medicine to weaponry, all the fields have witnessed revolutions in terms of new innovations.

Looking back through ages we have sure accomplished too much in science yet there remains room for even further evolution. We are now able to learn different fascinating things about the very universe we live in, how it came into existence, about different entities that it has. Recently we were able to even capture the image of an actual black hole all thanks to the Hubble telescope. Significant advancements have been made in artificial intelligence like the creation of AI systems like that of Siri, Cortana, etc. The invention of the age, the mobile phone has forever changed the world. Daily researches made on the replacement of coal as the basic source of energy with a more sustainable source has also yielded some fascinating results in the form of hydrogen fuel and dark matter.

In medicine, we are now even able to do successful transplants of vital human organs like the heart and the liver. Remarkable advancements have been made in tissue engineering especially in tissue regeneration. Imagine what we could achieve if we could possibly achieve tissue regeneration. Advancements made in human cloning and cloning from fossil remains have also been pretty fascinating. Remarkable innovations have also been made in the defense sector

No matter how far we go in the race of innovation we would never win with our curiosity to know more, to invent more and we would only be achieving more than we could ever possibly fathom, but one thing that we should never forget in this race is our roots from and where they lie and come from.



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