Important Skills Of Developers

May 10, 2019   •  5 views

Skill-1 Programming Language

In order to be a popular and promising developer with good monthly salary, it’s enough to be fluent in only two or three common programming languages from the listed below:

Top Rank Programming Language

The table shows the programming languages, their popularity and the platforms on which they are used. If you are going to study the fist or the new programming language, it is worth starting not to form its prevalence, but form the goals you are pursuing and the areas that interest you. Let’s address the first 5 programming languages.


Python Programming Language

The language is common in various areas of development, but it is a serious rival of another language in the following directions:


In recent years, developers of the websites and apps, based on the client-server model structure, widely use popular Python frameworks: Django (complete version with administrator bar and interface, speed and minimal need of skills are its advantages) and Flask (a shall that may be customized for a specific programmer needs, it is the best option for creating a REST API – client-server architecture style for building scalable distributed website systems and application, as an example, the social network API)