Why India Needs To Step Ahead In Fitness

Feb 07, 2019   •  0 views

A survey by the Hindustan Times in 2017 revealed , "About 70% people do not exercise regularly and 62.5% say that they do not monitor their diet." The burden of heart diseases, diabetes and obesity is just multiplying incessantly with the coming years and it has become a topic to worry about. Therefore, it is imperative that this issue is debated on and found solutions to.

New year's coming! Many people would be making plans of getting to the gym, transforming themselves into fitness geeks, rectifying their diet plans, many of them join as well, but the truth is that most of them find them back to their lazy routines as the January ends. This attitude of ours towards fitness has made our country rank 103 in the World's Fittest Countries and rank 5 in the Most Obese. It's high time that we should begin considering it a material issue.

Is there a way out? Yes, there is. When it comes to affordability, fitness is in fact a costly affair for many. For a middle income country like ours, affordability is the biggest obstacle in the people's path towards fitness. But through methodical planning and correct guidance, the goal of fitness can be accomplished with ease. YouTube has been an ideal platform for fitness guidance having some of India's greatest fitness gurus like Guru Mann, Ranveer Allahbadia and Jeet Salal. If you can't afford a gym then there's really nothing to worry about. You can do all that at home! There are so many exercises that can be done without any equipment required. Squats, push ups, crunches, and lunges are some of those. When it comes to your diet, spending a mere amount just as low as 500-1000 bucks for a visit to the nutritionist would not mind you much. Though at last, it all depends on us, Do we want to be fit? Do we want to live an organized life? Or do we just want to stick to our usual, slothful routine? The answer is in your hands.

However, the country in the span of an year has seen a lot of advancements in the fitness field. Many people have started taking this issue seriously and have opted a fitter way of life. Government's initiative of "Hum Fit, To India Fit" has quite been a success as well. But somewhere or the other, our journey from rank 103 to the top 10 still seems quite distant.