Weddings..This word in itself has so many emotions,lights,dramas and ties of new relationships between 2 families.Weddings be it in Indian culture or in different part of the world are done with utmost beauty following the traditions and maintaining the rituals from a long period of time.Excitement level is at times 100 not just for the Bride and Groom but for all the close members of both the families.But now a days in actual are these weddings in reality is just all about emotions and ties or just for showoff that how much can be spended so the society should actually praise are existence for the rest of our lives?

Now a days weddings are not connected with emotions but they do definitely have a strong connection with the bank amount or how much both the families can spend for the weddings.Flowing with the fashion trends the Bride and the Groom want all for their wedding and some little more different from everybody's which then add on to the coming wedding seasons.Be it from the DJ to play a different track or a small perfect winged liner both the families are expected to be aka perfect on fleek.

This attitude of our society now a days have literally changed the complete meaning of wedding ceremonies and tagged it into 'A Showoff Sessions'.People literally have years of planning to break a F.D. or sell any property to fit in the cost for the wedding ceremonies.

Right from the girl or boy's bachelorette party to the Haldi ceremonies,Pool parties,honeymoons etc. etc. there are new ceremonies and rituals invented to make the wedding look different and special and recognized by everyone.

Bollywood recently have much started the buzz,showing high class celebrities celebrating their weddings with so buzz around.Someone is making the viel cover the palace,someone locking there mobiles etc. Aroused and wish to have such kind of sensational wedding normal or middle class people also tend to want the same.Recently wedding planning has become a profession for almost 35% of people of India.Such craze and poise todays generation want in the weddings.Most of the people don't actually think that how much pressure it creates for the family to set up such a level amount which sometimes create such burden and tention on the parents that afterwards they do not have such amounts to pay back.

Therefore,coming from a middle class family where middle class values are given to us with basic aminities fulfilled at each level,we as a younger generation should know the true importance of what a wedding should be.It should be full of love,care,values,traditions,emotions and more or less all about trust between new budding relationships and not always about the dress,food,decoration etc.

It should be our values which should teach us that next time when we see our photos in a wedding album,do not let the first thought occupy your mind that 'SHOULD I POST THIS ON INSTAGRAM',instead just let those pictures make you cry and enjoy of those 6-7 days where you enjoyed your fullest in making new relationships between families.