A small story....
On a road, as deserted as this, not the slightest hint of life was to be found except the two boys loitering around with their feet crushing down the twigs for every step they moved forward. First of the two, being about six foot tall had his jet black hair scattered around in a rather odd of a way, while his skin was all tanned and hinted a tinge of chocolate brown. The other, slightly shorter by a couple of inches was all ginger with a combination of the brightest skin and red hair. The boys on verge of adulting up had sworn to give up on life. The Ginger boy had brought about reckoning the odds of his relationship with that one girl who was but special to him in a variety of way which rather for him counted up to infinity.

‘Why don’t you light up one mate?’ said the taller of the two.
‘Rather for me?’ He continued as the ginger boy, Sam had all frowned on being offered a cigarette.
‘You wish Shri’ sighed Sam. Sam hated being called for smoking. He hated cigarettes. Surely not the people who did.

‘It’s Okay, smoke up some Nicotine, better than being toxified by the De-….‘
‘You don’t speak her name!’
‘Well, I am not forcing you! Your call rascal!’
‘You dare!’
‘Yes, I do!’
The boys had gone all about a mile down the deserted road. Less had they noticed that the sun was yet about bid its farewell.

‘Why do you smoke Shri?’ called out Sam.
‘To release stress. It really helps. Trying doesn’t get you addicted!’
That day Sam had smoked the first cigarette of his life. He started with lights, now he has all ended up getting stoned a day in a span of about two months.

•Was Shri a bad company?
•Or were it about peer pressure?
•Or maybe the desire to get rid of current scenarios of his life?

Teenagers and many adults involve themselves in activities that harm their body both physically and mentally. Teenagers try to seek quick pleasures. Every smoker in this world knows the side effects caused by smoking. This article won’t explain the side effects on health due to smoking. This article would rather highlight the adverse effect caused on humans due to smoking, which most of the people are unable to see.

Sometimes I wonder how someone can take pleasure from a 10 cm tobacco rolled paper.

Does smoking only harm the body?

Smoking not only has an adverse effect on major body parts but, also ruins a person’s social life. Since smoking is considered taboo in India smokers have to find deserted and dingy roads to smoke cigarettes. Majority of teenagers in India are financially dependent on their parents. Parents usually get frustrated due to their kid's daily expense on cigarettes and often decline to give money. Due to this teenagers opt for unethical means like stealing. Smokers rarely accept the fact that they are addicted to smoking, rather they prefer to say that it is their routine to have a cigarette

How to reduce the temptation of smoking?

There might be thousands of ways for reducing smoking but, all of them require intense will power and consistency. First, the smoker has to take a firm decision of quitting smoking. After taking the decision there are two ways for reducing your temptation of smoking. I have given them special names (‘halal’ and ‘jhatka’).

1.‘Jhatka’ or Immediate Quitting: Once the smoker decides to stop smoking, the smoker should immediately stop smoking from that moment onwards. The smoker should dispose of all tobacco-related products. In this method, the smoker should have the immense will power to control the urges to smoke.

2.‘Halal’ or Gradual Quitting: Once the smoker decides to stop smoking, the smoker should reduce the frequency of smoking. The smoker should gradually take one small step at a time to stop smoking.

Distract your mind: Smoker should control the urges by immediately by distracting the mind. The smoker should involve himself in various public related activities.

Don’t go to parties: A smoker who is willing to quit smoking should avoid going to parties where alcohol and tobacco will be served. Peer pressure can make a smoker’s situation worse than before.

Small steps: Smoker target achievable and small milestones. When the smoker achieves the milestone he can reward himself.

There may be more thousand of ways to reduce your temptation but, these are the most important ones. Quitting smoking is not an easy task it takes constant will power and courage. Sometimes doing wrong things gives us more pleasure but, a wise person is that person who chooses the right path over temptations. A person should experience everything in the world but by not getting addicted to it, till the time that activity doesn’t hurt others both physically and emotionally.