“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Karl Lagerfeld

In the ancient times there were cameras which were enormous and consumed a lot of time to take just one photograph. Camera back then were luxury thing. After the invention of Digital cameras, the market has changed a lot. With just one click a photographer can take multiple photos within a fraction of a second. Cameras have become a necessity than a luxury. People use cameras to capture every moment of their life. There is an intense competition between the camera makers. Currently there are more than 100 camera companies in the market. So I am here to tell you 10 best camera brands, which are suitable for you.

  1. Canon: It is a Japanese multinational company founded in the year 1937. Canon launched its first SLR camera in the year 1970. Canon has best cameras in the market. Its design fits perfectly in the hands of a photographer. Canon is used by all kinds of photographers-from those who are amateurs to professional photographers and video makers. Canon interface is user friendly. Canon provides its users with best features in minimal cost.

  2. Nikon: It is a Japanese multinational company founded in the year 1917. Nikon’s are widely used for film making, video production etc. With Nikon, the higher the price is, the more features the camera has. Nikon has best lens in the market. The body of Nikon camera feels luxurious and fits perfectly in the hands of photographer. Nikon is mainly for professional photographers.

  3. Pentax: It is a Japanese multinational company founded in the year 1919. They are not much recognized in the market, however they fill the gap between low end digital cameras and high end DSLR’s. They are known for their durability and weatherproof cameras. They are easy to use and are affordable. They support in body stabilization.

  4. Sony: It is a Japanese multinational company founded in the year 1946. Sony is known for its high end DSLR’s. It is camera with various features. It has fast focus. The interface is very fast. The buttons and the body are much more refined.

  5. Olympus: Olympus were the first come with the concept of interchangeable lens and mirrorless cameras. They invented new generation DSLR camera which were lighter, faster and smaller. They are very affordable with great quality and features.

  6. FujiFilm: These are mini Polaroid cameras. They are very affordable. They are constantly getting better with their latest 35mm, medium formatting and rangefinder film.

  7. Go pro: These are action cameras. They are small in size. They are weatherproof and can withstand extreme conditions. There are various mounts for camera. You can attach Gopro to your helmet, drone, etc. They shoot HD quality videos.

  8. Leica: It is one of best brands for 35mm cameras. They are very costly. They can take great photographs even after 100 years. They have really powerful lens in the market. Some photographers look at the brand as a symbol of status and prestige.

  9. Panasonic: It was the first company for creating 4/3rds and MFT format standard. The video quality is extremely high.

  10. Apple: They are manufacturers of phones, tablets and computers. Apple phone have the best camera. Their picture quality is exceptionally good. Sensors in the camera make it suitable for all kind of lighting.

Every camera has the potential to take some of the best photographs in the world, it just depends on the photographer that how he handles the camera. A photograph is a graphic representation of feelings and emotions. Best photographer is the person who shows his emotions through his/her photograph. Be wiser and choose your weapon of feeling wisely.




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