Pondicherry (Puducherry) is a mandatory place to visit if one is studying or working in Chennai. As I am studying in Chennai, I got the opportunity to visit the place twice till date and I'm keen on going again and again. Being a French Colonial settlement until 1954, Puducherry boasts the culture even today with the French architecture prevalent in the Union Territory. With the seaside promenade link, French colony with the Mustard-colored villas and buildings amuse us. It feels as if we have stepped out of India.

My Tour

The Sunrise in the secluded Auroville beach is magical. Try some local tiffin centers for breakfast and continue on your exploration of this unimagined beauty of the place.

Aurobindo Ashram, Basilica Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus, War Memorial, MatriMandir are some of the places to roam in the day. But to be frank, the greatness of Puducherry can be witnessed only at night.

By the evening, the promenade link road will be closed for any vehicles and people can enjoy the serene and peaceful atmosphere around them without any disturbances. Along this road, one can find anything Pondicherry promises such as lip-smacking food, retro bars, ice cream, Ashram, etc.

I would love to stay on this Promenade link forever which is not possible because there are no places to live on this road, only places to have fun and eat out. Walking along the Bay of Bengal even at 2-3 a.m. in the morning is a pleasure here. Beachview restaurants are a delight on this White Town. Having a chicken steak at Escape In, grabbing a beer at Spice Route Resto Pub are my fondest memories.

Three things I would recommend you to experience in Puducherry are

Visit Paradise Beach

As the name indicates, it is really a paradise on earth. Imagine a beach island where you can reach through a boat only, this beach is exactly what everyone wants-an isolated beach island where swimming is actually allowed and possible unlike some other beaches in Pondicherry.

Gelateria Montecatini Terme

The destination for ice cream lovers with affordable prices is this place. Try the different varieties and find yourselves rating the place with the highest stars possible. Once, the Italian owners were present and the warmness they have offered us increased my liking. They claimed that they produce their own milk, create their own flavors and that is the reason why they are not keen on expanding.

Zapak In Provident Mall

I have tasted the best Chicken Wings here and so would you. Although it's inside a mall and probably no one would go to a mall while on a visit to a city, I would recommend you to give it a try and thank me in the comments section.

MG Road Area

I guess every town or city will have a street or an area named after Mahatma Gandhi and so does Puducherry. This area represents a typical Tamilnadu style of living and is a mini T-Nagar. It's got everything from band-aids, safety pins to wireless headphones, cheap mobile phones. Sunday shopping is the best place to bargain and get a bag full of clothes, accessories, etc. I still have an 80 rupee T-Shirt which doesn't look cheap at all.

From a luxurious beach view restaurants to the cheapest fish fry and local street food, Pondicherry offers a divine, serene, and yet a great nightlife.

If you have a chance of visiting Pondicherry, never miss it..!!