We've been custom taught to condemn money, since our childhood, but the only way today to get past every obstruction and achieve what one wants is to have money itself.

Thanks to the internet, now students, the unemployed and the self employed, too have the opportunity to showcase their talent and earn good money for it. Not only it serves as a passive income, but it also helps one to continue with his or her passion. The best ways to earn money online are listed below, but to be really successful in that, one has to keep his calm and patience since nothing worth it comes easy.

FREELANCING: Becoming a freelancer is one of the most convenient ways to earn money on the internet in exchange for your services. Some of them include Content Writing, Web Designing, Marketing and Graphics Designing. A freelancer can earn $200 to $1000+ depending upon his skills and the nature of the job. Some of the popular freelancing websites are Freelancer.in, WorkNHire, Upwork and Elance.

SURVEYS AND ADVERTISEMENTS: Some websites even pay you for filling out surveys and clicking on and seeing advertisements which are usually 10 to 30s long. All such sites are free and there is no minimum investment required.

BLOGGING: Creating a blog of your own is the easiest way but it might require certain investment and the money you earn depends on the blog traffic. Also, the blog can be monetized for the advertisements so that every time someone clicks on an ad displayed on your blog, you get paid for it.

• YOUTUBE: YouTube videos facilitate fame and earning, and they can go viral quite unexpectedly. The earning, however, depends on the number of views you have (only after crossing 1,000) and the number of subscribers.

• APPLICATIONS THAT PAY: Apps such as MPL and Rozdhan pay their users for winning certain tournaments, battles and games. They are highly useful in earning PayTM cash.



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