We live in a village called Haripur. To go to the city, we have to cross a river.

As a kid, I used to go to the city to sell salt with my father. The journey used to be very tiring for me. It took us two hours to cross the river with those heavy loads on our back. I got tired of this routine. But I knew that we are poor and I have no other option. So, I didn't say anything to my parents about it.

One day, my father and I were crossing the river like we used to . And suddenly, I leg slipped and I fell down. I didn't get hurt but most of the salt got mixed with the water . I saw my father's face and I could sense the loss. For once, I felt bad . Then we continued walking. As we were crossing the river, I will now have to carry half the load than before. I was so happy that I forgot everything else and decided to fell down daily. The next day, I acted as if I got slipped and I was successful.

This became my daily routine. But my father caught me. Now he knew that I was doing tgis knowingly. He felt very bad. In the past few days, he has just faced loss and no gain. So, he thought to talk to me . That night, he came to me and told me that I should stop this. He tried to convince me but I was not ready to comfess.

The next day, I didn't act and went straight to cross the river. My father was happy so I continued doing the same. But I used to get tired and couldn't help myself. So I again started to act as if I am falling down. At this time, my father was helpless. He didn't know what to do.

The next day, he decided to take me by the long route . On our way, we saw two boys. They were fighting over a nut which one of them claimed to see it first and the other claimed to pick it first. As they argued, a man came there and told them that he will solve their problem. He took the nut and split it into half. He gave one of the halves to one boy and other to the second one. The man ate the fruit himself and went away. Seeing this, I laughed but also understood that when two people quarrel, the third take away the advantage.

So I should never quarrel with my father and should always obey him.

When we reached the river, I fell down my mistake. But this time, when I got up, the sack became much more heavier than before. I confronted my father and he said that we have started selling cotton from now. I got that it was the load of dampened cotton that I have to carry.