Most Warts heal by itself without any specific treatment and it might take two to three years in order for the new Warts to appear. It is better to consult a doctor before trying out any home remedies in order to understand the severity of the skin condition. Home remedies might also result in spreading and worsening of the condition. Treatment of Warts might take a few weeks or months depending on the severity. The main motive of the treatment is to eliminate Warts by restoring the immune system response to fight against the virus. Doctors generally start with the least painful process and gradually build up a tolerance. Anyone of the following methods might be used in the treatment of Warts:

Salicylic Acid:

Salicylic Acid isthe main and only type of Beta Hydroxy Acid(BHA) which functions mainly by removing the dead layers of the Warts little by little at a time. This type of strong peeling action is the most effective when combined with freezing.

This therapy is also commonly known as freezing. This is usually done at a doctor’s clinic. This is because this process involves the use of liquid nitrogen for freezing up the Wart. Freezing causes a vesicle to form beneath and throughout the Wart and the skin starts to peel and fall off within a week or so. This treatment further enables in developing immune resistance in order to combat future Warts. It is advisable to repeat this treatment several times for best results.

Talking all good, there are also some side effects of this treatment. It includes pain, blisters, and discoloration of the skin of the treated area. Since this method is aggressively agonizing, it is not recommended to treat Warts in children.

Other Acids:
If Salicylic Acid and Freezing fails to work, then the doctor might use Trichloroacetic Acid. In this method, the dermatologist primarily scrapes the skin and then proceeds with the acid by applying it with a wooden toothpick. Repetitive nursing must be required per week in order to achieve maximum results. Side effects include pain, burning and stinging.

Minor surgery:
This is the least preferable method. The doctor might incise any troublesome tissue which will leave a blemish at the attended area.

Laser Treatment:
A little on the expensive side, this treatment burns off any infected tissue. This leads to the infected area eventually drying and falling of the Wart. The proof of the effectiveness of this method is quite negligible and the side effects include immense pain and scarring.

Home Treatments for Warts:

Home treatments are also effective for treating Warts if visiting a doctor does not feel comfortable yet. It is advisable for people with diabetes and impaired immune system to stay away from home remedies. Some home remedies include:

Salicylic Acid
Salicylic Acid treatment can also be used as home remedies. Non-prescription drugs available in the form of patches, ointments, pads, and liquids are found to be effective. It is advised to look for 17% salicylic acid in treating common warts. This medicine is usually used regularly for a few weeks in order to achieve maximum benefits. It is best to soak the infected area in luke-warm water for a moment or two prior to the application of this ointment. The area will become soft and the dead skin can be easily removed by using a pumice stone. This will ensure effective penetration of the medicine. Salicylic acid does cause mild irritation but if intolerable irritation occurs or if pregnant, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist prior to the application of this acid.

Non-prescription liquid nitrogen are accessible in the market in the form of liquid or spray might play a part in creating Warts at home.

Duct Tape
Using a duct tape with other methods are found to be effective. Covering the area with the duct tape for 6 days and then soaking it in warm water seems to work just fine. The dead skin should be removed with the help of a pumice stone and the wart should be exposed to natural conditions for 12 hours. This process should be repeated until the Wart is completely gone.

Prevention of Warts:
Impossible as it seems, it is not actually possible to prevent Warts from occurring. The only thing that can be done is preventing it from spreading. The person with already occurring Warts should not pick at it, this will prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body.The Warts should be kept covered with bandages and hands should be kept dry always. This is because controlling the virus in a moist environment is difficult. The affected areas should not be brushed, combed or shaved, this can cause Warts to spread.In the case of Genital Warts, any of the following preventions prove to be effective:

• The infected person should abstain from sexual contact until the Wart is cured.
• If abstaining is not possible then male contraception should be used during sexual contact.
• It is advisable to have sex only with one partner rather than multiple partners. It is also advised to have sex with a partner who is having sex only with one partner and not multiple partners.

• If any person has Genital Warts then coming in sexual contact with that person should be avoided.

If Warts are severe and home remedies does not seem to work, then it is beat to consult a doctor. The doctor might ask several questions like when was the Wart first noticed? Was there any incident like this in the past? What treatments have already been used to treat Warts? The patient must be familiar with all these details in order to reap maximum benefits of the treatment. It is not totally unavoidable and a few tips and tricks of self care can treat and prevent this condition.