Mobile Phones..What Are They..??

May 10, 2019   •  35 views

'Mobile Phones'- a new source of technology invented into the market for better communications and better maintainance of relationsips. They have become a great boon to the society, as each and every thing is dependent on it. These could include, the android, the IOS, Microsoft and many more. They have a different impact on each and everyone's lives.

Earlier, the use of mobile phones was restricted upto the use of calls and communications. People just used them for emergency calls and messages.

But,now mobile phones have changed the lives of people to a great extent. People are using them for various needs and wants. It is satisfying many of them. As a whole, it is creating a lot of demand in the market and hence, gaining its popularity. They are providing various services such as internet access, online television, online works, and many more. They are actually replacing the PC's, laptops, internet cafes and labs and others. By just one click, the rquirement is been displayed. So what else would a consumer ask for..? A consumer is by default a lazy person and would always want his needs to be satisfied at his own doorstep.

The above mentioned could be the various advantages for a common man, but coming to the disadvantages, i.e. to the future generations. Children without the mobile phones are unable to chew a small grain of rice. How far do you think is right.? We were never bought up in such a manner. When we used to get bored, we were told to go and play in the nearby parks, or grounds. But now i dont think is the situation. Parents are just handing over their mobile phones to their children to clear their boredom. May be to a certain extent would be fine, but not exceeding the limits. Children must be let down to play, meet people and interact with them directly and not with the help of mobile phones. Meeting them directly, gives them knowledge of how to treat and communicate with people. Mobile Phones, Tablets, and others have become a great addiction to the little ones.

There needs to be a change in such of an environment. Yes, mobile phones have helped children maintain a certain discipline and decorem, but it has to be maintained to such an extent that it doesnot spoil up their mind and thinking. Yes, mobile phones have given a chance for parents to feed their children without any problem, but should not lead to a situation, where they are not even ready to get up and wash their hands. They must be let down to play, give time for reading and studying, spend time with people and communicate, and that's how our culture was bought up and so would be theirs. Mobile phones are not only causing a disturbance to the little ones, but also to the adults. I feel they are making them more lazy and indolent. Lot of adults are also getting addicted to them because of various reasons such as work stress, family problems, and many more. They are causing a lot of disturbance to our personal and mental life, Various health issues come and knock our doors. A solution has to be found out..!!

So mobiles phones have to be utilised in a limited manner so as to keep up and maintain a healthy and sustainable life for both adults and children..!!




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Good one.
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