Italy is located in Southern Europe and is conisdered to be one of the world’s most famous travel destinations. The country offers you an amazingly rich array of blissful natural scenery. This boot-shaped country has renowned world-class Renaissance masterpieces along with shops for high-end fashion too. Italy is popular for a number of reasons that include delicious cuisines, charming landscapes, stunning towns and vibrant art treasures. The country also boasts some of the most iconic sites which include the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. Beautiful landscapes and incredible hiking routes are promised by Cinque, Terre, Sardinia and the Dolomites. This culturally rich land gives you an insight into its interesting history like the destruction caused by Mount Vesuvius. You need to actually visit the place once in your life because it's worth the visit. Here is a look at the best places to visit in this country.


No trip to Italy is complete without visiting it's national capital which boasts the stunning architecture. Rome has formerly been the capital of Roman Empire and till date, it is one of the major attractions for outsiders as well as insiders. Rome promises you some major iconic attractions of Italy, the Colosseum, the Forum and the Appian to name a few. The city is located at the heart of the country and offers a perfect mix of modernisation as well as historical sights. The city acts as an epitome of architecture ranging from romantic plazas to Renaissance architecture to charming cathedrals. While engrossed in the hustle bustle of the city, do not forget to sit, relax and feel the vibe of the city.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast with its extraordinary beauty registers its name into the list of top destinations in Italy. Amalfi features lovely plazas with restaurants popping here and there. This high precipitous Peninsula cuts sharply into the Mediterranean and is located in Italy's southwestern region. Unlike the azure blue nature of the color of water, here the water is emerald in color. The Amalfi coast is famous for its picturesque coastline that boasts of glittering bays and vibrant cliffs. The streets here are mostly stairways with flowers blooming everywhere making Amalfi one of a kind. Positano town of Amalfi promises to be one of the most romantic and posh locations. It has cute pebbled beaches with vibrant houses and scenic landscapes.


Tuscany is indeed one of the top attractions of Italy and as soon as you think about it, the images of rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves conjure up in your mind. It is one of the most peaceful and relaxing locations but not to forget the pleasures it beholds. You cannot afford to miss and explore the Renaissance art and tasting wine in Chianti. Olive groves and cypress trees are what makes Tuscany, Tuscany. Siena also holds some amazing art pieces.

This article was an insight to the awe-inspiring places Italy has but the list doesn't end here. So, do check out the second article on the incredible Italy and the marvellous destinations it has.