Every second, every minute and infact in everyday of your life, you have two choices that are either you keep on hitting the snooze button of happiness or spring out of bed to create your own happiness. So here are some ways if you choose the latter option.


In order to be happy, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to stop just merely surviving and START LIVING. Do not just meekly be present on Earth, instead mark your presence every second. Go to the forefront and take the action, c'mon what are you waiting for? It is the time my friend that your passion must be your oxygen! ⚡ HAPPINESS WILL COME TO YOU THE MOMENT YOU DECIDE TO BE 'YOU'!👑 So, stop copying others or being suffocated by the ideas someone imposed on you! BE YOU!


In order to be happy let's not talk about what is to be added instead we should be focusing omitting. The major reason behind your gloominess is nothing else but comparison. "There's never a dull moment in his/her life then why does it happens with me only", that's the primary lingering thought in anyone's mind after seeing our acquaintance's so-called happening life. Well let me tell you one thing buddy, nobody shows-off their failures on social media. Trust me, you will be successful when your time will come. You WILL flaunt the colors of success in sky when it is YOUR time.🍃🌈 Till then don't compare, be patient and keep on reading the blog.😉


Following the principle of eliminating, you also need to eliminate your unnecessary or untimely expectations. You think about yourself for almost 24×7 but sometimes you need to think for others too. There's a saying, " Spend and God will send"

Sso need to worry about yourself. Take care of others and God will take care of you. If you are concerned regarding what can be given just gift them a SMILE. It will not only make their day but their retaliation will make yours because more than machinery we need humanity! KARKE DEKHO, ACHA LAGTA HAI🌸😇


Nowadays , people are so busy pretending that they are happy, just to actually forget how to be happy in real. People are in a constant chase for (virtual) happiness ignoring the real one. So, STOP SHOWING OFF AND LEARN TO BE HAPPY FOR REAL!💎 We come across so many posts about how sad lives people have and this is just because we are so determine to focus on negative parts. We are becoming absolutely blind to the positive ones and completely forget to thank God for everything we have been blessed with!💜 FOCUS ON THE GOOD PART EVEN IF THE RATIO IS 1:10💫


We often misinterpret happiness as one large entity ignoring the fact that it is collection of all the cherished moments. It includes laughing your hearts out with your friends, having good food, stop bragging, sometimes even absorbing Vitamin D🌞 and obviously not forgetting to help others🌈. So, go out there and be the reason that someone believes in kindness again!💫💌

Start giving to nature and remember nature will givve what you have given to it. Start doing good and things will miraculously fall into place!💞