Situated on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula, this country promises you spell bounding landscapes, exposure to its rich history and some exquisite Greek wine. Greece is also called Hellas and Athens is the national capital. Here is a list about what all you can explore in this country.


Bathed in glorious history, Athens has magnificent historic sites to offer; the iconic one being marvellous Acropolis. The city is a blend of modernisation and historical monuments and you will inevitably come across them often finding them sandwiched between modern buildings. The entire city has lots and lots of amazing cafes and restaurants lined up. Apart from being home to fantastic historical monuments, you will also witness amazing museums. Once your heart is filled by all the wonderful historical sites of the city, you can head to nearby Piraeus and take a boat to any of Greece’s charming islands.


It is an ancient port which lies just ten kilometres away from the center of national capital; Athens. Piraeus is the largest port in the Mediterranean Sea and acts as a getaway for innumerable magical islands of Greece. Once you sail off from Piraeus, in no time, you will find yourself soaked in the beauty of Greek islands. Smaller harbors at Piraeus like Zea Marina and Mikrolimano are worth visiting.


Lying on the Gulf of Thessaloniki, it is a cosmopolitan place which also acts as cultural capital of Greece. The second largest city of the nation has some lovely Roman ruins along with Ottoman buildings and amazing Byzantine churches. The city also witnesses many breathtaking festivals and has something for everyone. As soon as you enter this city you will feel the multicultural and energetic vibe of the area. The delightful walk along the scenic waterfront and watching the jewel of the crown, White Tower is a must. The electrifying nightlife and sumptuous local cuisine awaits you.


Rethymno is a perfect blend of Venetian, Ottoman and Roman architecture. It is this intoxicating mix of architecture which makes the tour around this old town so happening. Rethymno is a magical land with charming beaches and the beautiful blue waters that line the waterfront. The city hums with life and the credit goes to its healthy student population. It is an elegant place to visit and do not miss the main attraction; the Venetian Fortress that looks out over the town from the West. The place also has pretty decent innumerable restaurants.


Mykonos is the perfect pick if you are looking for a lot of fun in the sun. The place is well known due to its bustling nightlife which in turn attracts top DJs. Mykonos is an extremely pedestrain friendly place as the traffic is shut due to the narrow streets of the place. The narrow streets also acts as the perfect getaway in giving you wanderlust vibes. The main village, also known as Chora is lined up with cafes and shops. The city has innumerable vibrant buildings but Panagia Paraportiani still remains at the top. This interesting place gives you enough opportunity to explore and see what resides inside its heart.