In previous article I mentioned about continuing the article and introducing more heroes from bible that are unheard to the world. If you did not read the previous article, please visit otherwise you may miss the continuity.

I mentioned David in the previous article. But, before David, there are many judges for Israel community that are appointed and blessed by the Jehovah, there almighty God. Let's see about them in Chronological order. Shall we?

1. Gideon
Gideon is the last son of his family and his family is from the last tribe of Israel. Israel community has 12 tribes . Gideon was one of the hiding refugee from Israelite enemies and was threshing the wheat secretly under a cave. Though he was coward, God chose him and called out from Israel. He waged many wars with the help of God and brought victory for Israel.

I want to share his epic war where Gideon was leading a 300 untrained men with not swords and weaponry but with pots that his the lanterns they carried. They did nothing but broke those lanterns and they won against the enemies. For waging a war against about a lakh membered trained cavalry with 300 untrained weapon less mere slave men... Needs guts isn't it??

Fact ... Gideon is known for his bravery and Gideon bible industry is the famous free bible sharing industry that shares Bible's with the people of all traits with the same courage. This ministry has been going on for centuries.

2. Jephta

Jephta is an illegitimate child And is forbidden to have freindship with the e Isarel tribe. But he was a strong warrior,and when a trouble landed Israelites in a heap f sorrows, they pleaded Jephta to lead the army. With God's permission, Jephta led the army and won against Ammonites. The hard part is that Jephta vowed to God that when he wins the war, he will give the thing that first comes out of his house to greet him. To the sadness, his one and only beautiful virgin daughter came and he felt very sad.

But daughter of Jephta obeyed to the view of gd and her father, asked two months grace time to mourn for her virginity with her friends in a far away land and sacrificed herself according to the vow. During his time , according to a war, he killed 42,000 people a night. This makes him a dedicated and a warlord being a super judge that sacrificed his love and made justice.

3. Joshua

Joshua son of nun is the successor of leadership of Moses that I discussed in my part 1 article. Joshua was a godly young man who was sent as a spy to cannan to study the land . He and his friend Caleb, said that the land was so good and the gift of God . They were sent as representative for their tribes. The rest 10 said that the land is full of giants and they made God sad. These 10 were killed of plagues and Joshua and Caleb became the heroes at that time.

Joshua led the Israelites army and its people after the Moses died. He was the one who made it to Cannan along with Caleb out of 10 lakh Israelite army that were rescued from Egyptian slavery.

The great thing about Joshua is that Joshua led God's wars with the holy attitude. He won many wars and defeated only one ..his success rate is that amazing. He helped in conquering the whole Cannan with untrained weaponry less Israelite army and God's permission. Some of his victories include falling of Jericho's thickest walls just by roaming around the wall, stopping the rotation of Earth to complete the war and win it. Eve scientists confirmed that Earth did stop it's rotation for a day because of mere Joshua's small prayer, parting Jordan river as Moses parted The red sea you can see through internet as these miracles have evidences. and many more.

I saw many warriors and I love their work but Joshua made the Earth to stand still in the space where every other heavenly body was working. This was done not by any magnetron but by a small word of prayer. This is huge!!

I want to discuss many stories of the warriors like these ... I will definitely share more about them. Untill then.... Shalom!!

Shalom is the way of greeting by Israelites. Meaning... Peace to you.. so Shalom!!