Most of the Indians know about mythical warriors like Arjuna, karna, Sriram, Bheema and many other war lords. For many students , we might have heard of Hercules, Achilles, Ulysses from Roman mythology in our supplement subjects in school. But there are many warriors that are unknown to many of the world's population though the Bible is the best selling book for centuries. This article is to remember them and ofcourse introducing them to many people who have not heard of them. Some of them are my personal favs . So, let's get started.

Holy bible has two parts. Old and the New testament. The old testament depicts the Israelite's history and the wars they did for the promised land, Canaan, which is the present Israel country. The wars in the Bible are mentioned in the old testament. This is the precap. Let's see some warriors. I will divide this series into two and may be three ..

1. Israel
Israel is the name given by God to a person that was named at birth as Jacob. This Jake is a traitor and deceived his elder brother and blind father, Isaac, fled to a foreign country, married sisters by doing slavery for his father in law for about 21 years and was planning to return to his home land, Canaan.

But, at the night of his return journey, he fought with the angel of God, some say he fought with God himself. He fought to get rid of all the deceit he did to his blood. Literally, HE FOUGHT WITH SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL. Isn't this crazy and cool?.. the result is he was changed from traitor to a prince ... From Jacob to Israel and see now... We have a country named after him... The result of his wrestle match with God. God blessed him that night.. as Israel didn't let go of him untill God blessed him.

2. Moses

Moses is a prominent person for Christians, Muslims, Israelites and Jews. Moses was the leader of approximately 10 lakh Israelite population and he led them through deserts to reach the promised land Canaan, by helping them getting free from 400 years of slavery to Egyptian cultures. Moses was an adopted Egyptian prince, raised by his jew mother and God appointed him to free his people from Egypt.

But, this freedom accompanies the hardships and many wars for Moses. But, he was a man of patience and led this huge flock to Canaan. His dedication, his leadership and the victories and the miracles are marvaleous to read. If any chance, I will write about Moses, the prophet and the meek leader. Moses brought the ten commandments to the world that were given by Jehovah on Mount Sinai that are still being practiced.

3. David.

David is the favourite character in the Bible for me. David is the youngest son of Jesse and he was a little shepherd boy when God anointed him to be King of Whole 12 tribes of Israel... That's huge... Getting anointed even though there is a king on the throne... David is such a chosen boy..

This brave chap killed 9 foot Goliath, a philistine enemy by merely a sling.. !! Yes.. and without sword and armour. He in his childhood, killed a lion and a bear with his own bare hands. ... Now that's mind blowing!!! I'm afraid of dogs here!!

His wars are huge... I don't know the status but I am going with rough figures here... He hurt about 10,000 enemies in a night to collect his wedding gift... A night and he hurt 10,000 in his youth. And after becoming king, his wars are huge... He has a seperate battalion of 30 people that are nearly warmachines. He even killed 30,000 cavalry in one night and won the war... One night with no guns and a sword... That stamina is huge.. he was the emperor and the father of the wisest on Earth the great king Solomon... If possible, I will write about him too..

Though being a war freak, he is a god fearing person who used to pray 7 times a day.... This is discipline... !! He has a huge family and lots of children but his reign is still being discussed among Christians, Israelites, Muslims and Jews ... He is a scholar,poet, architect, a warrior on Earth and Warrior of God.

There are many other famous characters that will be continued in the upcoming articles... Hope you get to know these amazing people.stay tuned for part 2 where I mention people like Jephta, Joshua, Gideon and many more. ..untill then, Ciao!!!