Improving Productivity At Work

Neetu Sharma
Jun 23, 2019   •  15 views

Work is an important part of

our life. It helps us in reaching our goal through physical and mental effort. The great thing about work is that it helps in keeping yourself busy and resourceful. Believe it or not but no work will make us dull. With that, it also creates a devil’s workshop in our mind.

The definition of work differs from person to person. Some might consider household chores as work, others consider work as their profession, students consider work as an assignment where they study and learn.

But here’s another side of the thing. No matter what is it that you call work there will be times when you will not be able to do work. And I’m not talking about those days when you are sick and actually down and out. I’m talking about the days where you just simply aren’t at your best in work.

The lethargy, procrastination, limited time, lack of motivation are some of the root causes. As a result of not doing your work, you fall into various traps.

Planning a schedule

Allotting time can be a tedious job. It can be rather confusing. For instance, you will come across questions like, how much time should I give to this task? Is it sufficient or not? Is it too much?

That’s when planning a schedule comes in handy. By making a schedule, we’ll be able to keep track of the time allotted to every task. This will help us allot time in a better way because we’ll learn from our mistakes. If something is not working for me I can change the schedule.

From a student’s perspective, it really works. Trust me, it has saved me numerous times during exams.

2. Say no to multitasking

We all are experts at multitasking. It is pervasive everywhere. It can vary from eating your food while scrolling through your Instagram feed on your mobile. Or listening to your favourite music while solving a maths question or completing your class notes. But is it really useful? Experts say that multitasking results in loss of productivity. So it is important to focus on the task at hand. Let's keep multitasking out of the picture.

3. Distraction is a drug

Distraction is the primary hindrance to work. For us millennials, mobile phones are the biggest distraction. While working, we keep checking our mobile phone every 15 minutes. Minimum distraction is of utmost importance. Turning off the notification will help in focusing on the task.

4. A healthy mind in a healthy body

Being healthy is important for being productive. Exercising regularly not only keeps us healthy but also helps in being alert. It also reduces laziness and lethargy.

5.Views Matters

It's crucial to have a pleasant work environment. Nobody wants to work in a place which is dull and boring. Keep your workplace lively and exciting. You can do this by keeping plants, decorating your room with pictures, scented candles and flowers. There is a reason why kindergarten classrooms are attractive. Colourful rooms make the kids more attentive in the class. This enables them to learn and to concentrate more.


Work without motivation is similar to bread without butter. Motivation triggers us to work efficiently. By rewarding ourselves for our hard work, we can indulge in self.motivation. For instance, set a target or a deadline for yourself like I’ll finish my project by the end of the day. After completion of your target, you can reward yourself by taking a day off.

7. Positivity

Nothing is better than starting your day with some positivity. Having a positive approach towards everything including your work helps in being efficient. Being bitter and negative will become a hindrance. Also, being surrounded by positive people makes a lot of difference. Providing support and help to others will make them achieve their goals.

8. Always follow your passion

Now that’s the mantra everyone should follow. In my life, I have seen people taking up jobs or even subjects which are considered socially acceptable. But they aren't their passion. Doing what you love is really crucial. It will help in better performance and efficiency. It will provide you with more success.

9. Leadership

Working under a good leader is important. They guide you on how to perform your work. They also help you in correcting your mistakes. In this way, we tend to perform better. In a school environment, we tend to score good marks in our test if our teacher helps us understand the subject in a better manner.

10.Relax take it easy

Remember, an excess of everything is bad. Doing the same task day and night brings monotony. It's important to take a break from your work. It will energize and freshen up your mind. It will make you more focused than ever. For instance, going on a vacation for a week occasionally, taking study breaks like playing outdoors etc.

And last but not least

Believing in yourself

We have lived most of our lives in self-doubt. We often have thoughts like, “it’s not possible” or “I'm not sure about it” or “I can't do this anymore”. Self-doubt is the hindrance between you and your goal. Having faith in yourself is important. If Sachin Tendulkar didn't believe in himself, we won’t have the greatest living cricketer of our time. If Einstein didn’t believe in himself, we won't be knowing the string theory.

Also, don't be afraid of failures. It will only help you in reaching your goals. The author of the famous franchise Harry Potter, J.K Rowling, also failed. Her work was rejected by 12 publishers. And now here we are re-reading the series over and over again

Thomas Alva Edison failed a thousand times in making a light bulb. But in the end, he did succeed.

I too have faced failure. During my senior year, I was failed multiple times. There was a time when I sure that I’ll be repeating my senior year. And now I'm studying in the finest institution.

Someone asked what kept me going, my answer is the faith in myself and my “never give up” attitude.

So, friends, I know you can do, you face ummm..let’s just call it consequences.

Ask me, I’ve been there and done that. I being a college student, have faced this situation and still do. There are times whenI'm unable to finish my assignment on time. Due to that, I face a deduction of marks which affect my overall grade point.

So the question is, how are we going to improve it? There are steps to it. However, becoming a productive person takes a lot of time. So patience is required.