White Vs Brown Eggs, Know Which Is Better.

Nishtha Kapoor
Apr 06, 2019   •  33 views

Everyone's lifestyle is changing and now every other person is a fitness freak. Most of the people out there are more conscious about the quality of food that they eat rather than quantity. People now prefer everything that is organic, now when they know the circumstances, they are ready to ditch chemicals completely in their lifestyle. Everybody is conscious about their diet. But there are more myths than actual facts in the market.

One common doubt among all the people is about white eggs or brown eggs. Eggs basically contain protein, calories, vitamin B, carotenoids lutin and zeaxanthin. Eggs are commonly considered as a great source of protein. Its yolk contains cholesterol. Eating eggs can help you save yourself from macular degeneration. Eggs can also help in memory development.

Types of eggs that you commonly see-

  • Vegetarian fed

  • Omega-3 enriched

  • Free run

  • Free roaming

  • Organic

These are categorised on the basis of different types of hens and their diet.

Difference between a white and a brown egg is mainly because of the shell colour. It is believed that the shell of a brown egg is harder as compared to that of a white egg, but it is a myth. Only young chickens lay hard shell eggs. Next comes the nutritional value which completely depends on the diet of the hen that lays the egg. Two hens which are fed the same diet lays eggs of same nutritional value. Then we have yolks, it is believed that brown eggs have intense coloured yolks as compared to the white ones, but the colour of the yolks completely is determined by the amount of corn that the hen consumed before laying the egg. White chickens lay white eggs and brown chicken lay brown eggs since maintenance of brown chickens is costly, brown eggs are costlier than white eggs. Both the white and brown eggs taste the same.

Hence there is no such difference between the white and brown eggs. The only difference lies in the shell colour and the cost. Eating eggs can help in preventing any heart disease since these increases good cholesterol in the body. Very fewer people know that it has anti-oxidants which is good for eye health. I have mentioned in my articles earlier that this superfood is so great that it helps in reducing weight by making you believe that you are full.

You must consume eggs as they are a superfood. You get nutrition from them.
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