Summer has arrived already and no one is ready to accept it. But you can do one thing to make you feel better, drink plenty of water. Drinking water can prevent you from the heat. You have to keep yourself safe from heatstroke. It might sound like it's normal because it is summer, but it can be life-threatening. Heat stroke is not just dehydration, but it's more complicated.

In simpler terms, you can define heat stroke as a condition when the body temperature is greater than 104° Fahrenheit. Heat stroke is also called heat syndrome. It's symptoms include-

  • Continuous sweating.

  • Heat cramps.

  • Low blood pressure.

  • Dehydration.

  • Weakness.

  • Seizure sometimes happens during heat stroke.

  • Skin becomes red .

God has blessed everyone.

Because of this blessing ,whenever the temperature of your body rises, your body starts sweating, in order to maintain the normal temperature. Because of the sweating the constriction of blood vessel increases, which results in increasing the blood pressure, which is already low due to the heat stroke. Hence it can be fatal.

If you are doing any activity that involves more energy and you are doing it in summer's heat, you are prone to get affected by heat stroke. When we talk about the age group, children and people above the age of 65 are more prone to heat stroke.

How can you avoid it?

  • Having coconut water, before stepping out in sunlight directly.

  • Avoid alcohol.

  • Avoid caffeine.

  • Avoid stepping out during the daytime.

  • Wear light coloured and loose fitting attire.

  • Use umbrellas, caps to prevent yourself from the direct heat of the sun.

If someone has encountered heat stroke the first thing that you can do is to cool down the body temperature. It can be done by placing a cloth soaked with cool water over the patient's forehead. Try shifting the person to a cooler surrounding. Continuously, make them drink water(if they are conscious).

Note- Avoid sweetened drinks during this time.
Thank You!