5 Comedy Tv Series You Cannot Miss!

Nidhi Lodaya
May 15, 2019   •  27 views

5 comedy Tv series besides Friends which you need to watch.

Comedy is like a stress relief. If you are stressed, you want to take your mind off things and you usually indulge in binge-watching a comedy movie or a comedy tv series because it not only uplifts your mood, but eventually you tend to forget about your problems for a while.

We all are aware of the ten season famous comedy series Friends. But, here is a list of 5 other comedy Tv series you can bing watch:


Many of you may have heard about this series due to its increasing popularity. This show revolves around the lives of 6 New York detectives and how they add humour to their life and jobs whilst remaining friends, colleagues and more.


Modern family is as modern as it gets, with two gay uncles, a grandmother who is the same age as your mother and three kids with cool, supportive parents. This series revolves around the lives of this whole family showing how every family is crazy but at the end how important each one is to the other.

3.The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This series, set in the 1950s follows the adventures of a woman who makes a career as a comedian in a male dominated society while taking care of two children and making jokes about her husband who cheated on her.

4.The Office

This show revolves around the lives of co-workers and colleagues at an office and their day to day problems and fights.


A rich girl who becomes poor overnight and is forced to work at a diner and live with another fellow waitress from the diner as work towards building their cupcake business even though they are broke.

So, it's time to move on from Friends even though it's a great series and start binge watching these comedy series which are available on various streaming platforms and are aired in TV too.