Marriage - A Tradition - A Business - A Showoff

Jul 20, 2019   •  113 views

We see how trends keep changing everyday. Say it be technology, say it be clothes, say it be the marketing methods and now, marriages.

What is the purpose of a marriage or Why do we get married or when do we get married? What I believe about a marriage is when 2 persons like things about each other and they think want to spend the rest of their lives together, they marry. But what I see here is completely different. Marriages are considered as a tradition, a rule ki "Duniya me aaye ho to Shaadi to karni hi padegi". And parents consider it to be a responsibility, they get tensed ,"what if iski Shaadi nahi huyi to?" Specially if it's a girl. As soon as she reaches in her 20s parents start worrying, they start looking for a guy, they announce in the market, "Ladka ho to batana." They start saving right from the day of her birth. I don't understand why even this is called a tradition, why aren't we practical? Why don't we think in a way, "ki jab right person milega tab apne aap hojaegi." If a person think s/he wants to get married, they will, if it's their life why is everyone behind them to tell them what they should so and what not?

Besides earlier it was like Marraige was considered to be the day of the girl so all her wishes were considered and fulfilled. But now this choice has also been taken by the society. "hum unki Shaadi me Gaye the so unhe bhi bulana padega", "samaj me rehna hai to dikhawa to karna pdega", "izzat ka sawaal hai" and now the best thing I hear these days by Ladkewale: "Hume dahej me kuch nahi chhaiye bas Shaadi achese Kara Dena". As if shaadi to sirf ladki ki hori hai, Ladka to Shaadi krke ehsaan Kar rha hai ladki pe. Uparse dahej k liye to aise naa bolte hai ki maano konsi daya dikha rahe ho🤣. Someone please tell them dowry is still a crime, so even if you think of taking dowry, you will be behind the bars.

Aur ye sab to thik hai, people have also used this mentality so tactfully, event management companies, flower vendors, caterers, Designing companies, everyone is making huge money now. Marriage that should be simply between 2 persons happens with the entire world. Everybody is invited. Many are those who have no relevance with any of the persons but they have to be invited because they did. As a result, parents end up taking loans.

I don't understand, if marriage is between 2 persons why is the entire society involved, why are the decisions in the hands of everyone except those 2? Why can't they simply go to a court and get married and if rituals are important, it can be done only with the presence of the family? Why do we make such a big deal about a ritual like Marraige? Why can't we make things simple? Why is society Everytime ruling the decisions of our lives? Why?