I remember when I was in school, there were only a few Hindi speaking students in my class, actually hardly any. And everyone used to treat me like an alien. When I asked about this to my parents they told me that there are only 2 families who are Agrawals in our city. So basically I live in a very small city of Gujarat so it was obvious for you to find Gujarati speakers and Garba players everywhere. And when I went to Mathura, UP with my parents what I saw simply shocked me. I could see nothing but Agrawal sign boards everywhere. This made me curious. I wanted to know that if everyone in Gujarat is Gujarati why are we here? Who are we? Like Gujaratis belong to Gujarat, where do we belong to?

Ancient Agroha

And guess what I did find such place which was known as Agragan. Not only that we also had an emperor named Maharaja Agrasen who is claimed to have founded this state 5000 years ago. It is believed that the word 'Agrawal' literally means "Children of Agrasen" or the "People of Agroha", a city in ancient Kuru Panchala near Hisar in Haryana. As per Mahabharata and the Buddhist and Jain literature, Agragan was one of the numerous states in ancient time just like the city states of Greece. This was spread across Haryana, Punjab, Agra as well as Rajasthan.

King Agrasen

It is said the King Agrasen lived up to the age of 193 years and ruled for more than 100 years. But due to the foreign invasion in 1194, the state got devastated and people had to migrate to other states of India.

King Agrasen divided his kingdom among his 18 children whom we differ as the 18 gotras of Agrawals today. It is also believed that he even stopped the scarifices (Bali) that were made in the name of Yagnas.

Today, if you have noticed, Agrawals are almost everywhere and highly successful.

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The intention of this #wrytup was only to make those people aware who make several memes when a guy like sarthak Agarwal scores unacceptable marks. Agrawals don't just score but they are running Successful businesses in several industries today. So we should never question someone based on their caste or religion. At the end we All are humans created by God.
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Very nice and interesting information. One of my friend is Agrawal and after reading this I feel proud for her.