Never aspect from anyone else to come and motivate you. It is only you who have to live life and face everything.people can guide you but you are the only one who can actually help yourself. Many time we think our life is disaster but believe me you can not ignore the life of those people who are not even able to make both end meets.

Try to find yourself

Main motivation comes when we find ourself,our dreams,our passion,our attitude.why we just keep chasing other?why we just want to follow other or want to become like other?why we can't find a better future plan for ourself ?we have many sources of information where we can find a better plan but even then we keep following those from whom we feel jealous,isn't it ?Don't you do the same? In school we just keep fighting with each other that how you got more marks than me.have you ever thought that making marks should not be your plan but gaining knowledge matters ?But who cares about all these stuff at that time.we just wanted marks and not marks only a rank ,a positon.A gossip between the student that this girl/boy is the topper?The day we accept that we have to do this or that for my real satisfaction that day you will not require any motivation.

Step of self motivation

First sit and think in what all things you are good

  1. Then think in what all things you want to be good

  2. After making a list ,select one best option ,and then 2 or 3 other option

  3. Try to grab all information which you can get about your best option and also get some idea about other options as well

  4. Now work upon them with as much affort as much you can give so that even if you fail you can say that its not your fault .the failure which comes from our mistake gives us a feeling of looser but failure which comes from other than our mistake gives us a feeling of satisfaction that it was not atleast my fault. You should never underestimate yourself.Fish is not able to climb a tree but it doesn't mean that it is not capable to do anything ,sometime we are not made for something but it doesn't mean that we should stop at first failure .Think about those who have not even run for the race.