This may sound familiar but yeah I am one among the people who started watching cricket ONLY for Dhoni. First of all, his hair do was the thing which drag my attention towards him. I was little girl back then! appearance do drag attention. Those were the days when I didn't have any idea about cricket all I know was when the ball hit boundries people around me scream in joy which was fun so this man with long hair gave me that pleasure more often thats when I started liking him.

Soon this childish liking grew stonger and stonger and he became the man of inspiration.

Then to add more to my MSD obsession IPL happend! Even non chennai residents supported Chennai Super Kings because of the sole presence of this man. Then just imagine the state of a girl who is a crazy fan of dhoni and happend to be a chennaite. IPL is like celebration season for chennai people. Even my least favourite colour(yellow) looks attractive after seeing dhoni in yellow jersey. All those nail biting finishes, helicopter shots, centuries, best wickets, The two year ban, emotions, fans long wait and coming back with a roar everything are still unfaded memories.

When you talk about great captains you talk about Dhoni. When you talk about great finisher you talk about Dhoni. When you talk about great wicket keeper you talk about dhoni. He is a man of perfection.

I would go to war with dhoni by my side - Gary Kristen

He was the pillar of Indian team all these years. He was always our best hope even when there is one ball and six runs to win if we see this man in the ground holding the bat there is no talk of loosing the game. However serious the match may be my eyes always falls upon this calm man behind the stump noticing the fine details of batsman and the ball.

Other than a best cricketer he is a best man one could ever see no one can deny this. Not even once I have seen him roaring in joy or shouting or showing rampage in celebration. Whatever the situation may be win or lose he just give a simple edition of smile which makes us go crazy.

I want people to remember me as a good person more than a good cricketer - mahendra singh dhoni

And here we are helpless to payback what he have done all these years to us. Nobody did for dhoni what dhoni did for sachin. I still remember how proudly and happily we gave farewell to sachin the man behind that day was none other than our mahi.

“When I die, the last thing I want to see is the SIX that Dhoni hit in the 2011 World Cup Final"-Sunil Gavaskar

This man doesn't deserve to loose his final world cup. Million hearts broks at that very moment when mahi left the ground of England during the semi finals. This is not the farewell I dreamt for dhoni. We can hope the best for next world cup but there will be no crowd roaring 'dhoni! dhoni! dhoni! ' probably I'll stop watching cricket after this, afterall it all started because of him.