Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website?

Navin Dhanuka
Jan 27, 2020   •  0 views

Innovation today is so great that our mobile phones and tablets have a similar working capacity as that of a desktop.


  1. There are 3.3 billion smartphone users in the world

  2. In the world of wireless, 42.63% of the world’s population have a smartphone today

  3. Mobile traffic is responsible for 51.51% of global website traffic

  4. Mobile e-Commerce will be responsible for $2.32 trillion or 67.2% of e-Commerce sales by 2021

  5. The average page load time for a web-page in a smartphone should be under 3 seconds

Now is the era of high internet saturation in the world and most people keep using their smart phones for exploring Internet for the smallest of the reasons like doing online research. This online research could be about:

  1. Doing business research

  2. Doing academic research

  3. Comparing prices of goods online or offline

  4. Planning vacation

  5. Planning to buy books

  6. Planning higher education

  7. Looking for jobs and many more.

Before you design your website for the world, you should know that 50% PLUS visitors to your website might be using a smartphone or a tablet and you need to give them everything what you give to your desktop user. Which means it should have same user experience and usability standards. The user should be able to navigate to all the pages of the websites and also should be able to use all the features like Contact US Form, without which functioning the meaning of the website which is to get leads would fail.


Your website whether on desktop or on mobile or on tablet represents your company. It gives potential client introduction of what’s in store from your organization. The unique user experience of the website on the smartphone is as important as that on the desktop.

A competition is just a click away on the smartphone and if the customer has a better UX in the competitor’s website then you might lose the potential customer for ever and ever.


The more helpful it is for clients to contact you, the more probable they are to do it. Having a mobile responsive site implies that your email address and telephone number should be easy to discover and interactive. Every one of your clients’ needs to do is click and the telephone will begin ringing. This is better for your clients and for you since it will probably prompt a deal.


As opposed to stressing over building a desktop site and a mobile-friendly site, responsive structures are worked to do everything in one. Along these lines, you don’t have to carefully adjust the design of content, and pictures relying upon the gadget your guests are using.


You definitely need a responsive website.